Tuyet and Justin's Wedding Day

The wedding ceremony and the reception were lovely.  It was great seeing another friend get happily married.  And it was great catching up with old friends.  My only complaint was that I wish they let the pregnant ladies go through the buffet line twice, because we get HUNGRY!  We weren't able to make it to my other friend's birthday party because we didn't leave the reception until really late and being on my feet that long in high heels is tough these days. 

Please excuse the dusty mirror.  I didn't notice it until I took the photo.

My handsome husband.

Beautiful St Patrick's Church in Downtown Portland.

The happy bride and groom.  Yes, the groom is sticking his tongue out.

Lobby of the Tiffany Center in Downtown Portland.
dress | gap
shoes | victoria's secret

The Stewarts.  Love love love.

clutch | charlotte russe

My friend T is getting married next April!

The lovely bride, my wonderful friend... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Ok, so I was suppose to wear my Asos to the wedding but instead of arriving yesterday like it was suppose to, it came today while we were gone.  Figures.  Well... please again excuse the dirty hallway mirror and the bad indoor lighting, but here's what I should have been wearing.

Fits me like a glove!

My beautiful baby bump.  25weeks1day today!

My hubby thinks this next dress looks like a nighty and doesn't like the color.  I think it's sweet and perfect for the baby shower.  He also thinks flat boots are ugly.  So, I think... "he knows nothing about fashion".  But I wonder...

Should I keep it?  Or return it?
*update | i'm returning the brown dress.  it cost too much to be getting such mixed reviews. 
i found a maxi dress i like better.  thanks for the input you guys.


  1. the last dress is more like...for everyday. Nothing special (not in a bad way-don't take it wrong....)

    the black one, stunning on you and you are so beautiful!!!

  2. you look very pretty in a LBD :) i love that clutch you brought too!

  3. You look stunning in the asos dress and I love the clutch!

    The last dress is not so much beautiful in my opinion.. it seems a little hard to combine with other colors.. idk :D

    - Laura

  4. I love that last dress -- I think it's absolutely adorable! And both of those black dresses -- especially the wrap one -- look gorgeous on you, lady!
    xo Josie

  5. You look great in everything! :)

  6. You look beautiful and super adorable pregnant! Loved all the wedding pics and Charlotte Russe clutch!

    Liesl :)

  7. You look amazing in both black dresses!! I also like your baby shower choice dress, I think it is fun and a cute color!!!

    I have some good news for your on my blog!!! Check it out!!!

  8. You look fabulous! Those dresses are great. It's hard to tell about the last one as the colour doesn't come up real well. I'm no good at making decisions!!

  9. That LBD does fit you like a glove! Your bump is so cute :)

    I like the 2nd dress - I think you should keep it! Adorable.

  10. Yay Amy!!! I am glad your excited!!! Don't forget to e-mail me your address so I can get your package sent out as soon as possible!!!


  11. In my opinion, you definately should keep it! Because the most important thing is how you feel in your boots and in this stunning dress (it looks good on you, honestly). I you feel good wearing them, try explain your husband!
    xoxo Tamy

  12. OMG that asos dress is SICK, Amy!! AS IF it came too late - friggg :( You still looked great - I love your belly!! Eeee!! :D

    I personally like the last dress, so I think you should keep it. BUT, did you pay a lot?

    THANK YOU for your sweet comments - I've joined the 'MRS' club :P and am loving it!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  13. amy, you look really REALLY good! the black dress looks so sexy on you (im sure hubby thinks so too! lol) the other one im not so sure, maybe its better to return it and get a nicer one. i agree with hubby, the color is a bit off, it does nothing to your beautiful complexion. i hope that helps! :)

    stay safe!

  14. you are the most adorable pregnant lady!!!!

  15. that dress does fit you like a glove! it looks amazing! and you are a very beautiful pregnant lady. :D

    <3, Mimi

  16. The brown dress reminds me of something my grandma called a house dress--not exactly pj's, but not meant to wear out of the house.

    You look great in all of the photos and so does the mister. Baby Stewart is getting good genes from both sides of his family tree.

    Was the bride really nervous? Maybe the groom stuck out the tongue to help her to smile and relax?

    Karen cried so hard during our wedding I was afraid people would think I was forcing her into it. =)

  17. you still look chic and awesome in that dress


  18. I love the black dress and go figure that it would come late. You still look awesome in it.

    I will admit, I am glad that you are returning the brown dress. Not that I don't like it; just in comparison to the black one, it doesn't have the same pizazz.

    Also, guys are always thumbs down when it comes to flat shoes and bermuda shorts I think. At least my husband is. I still wear them anyways. ;)

  19. LOL @ "My only complaint was that I wish they let the pregnant ladies go through the buffet line twice, because we get HUNGRY!" Congratulations to the newlyweds! That's a beautiful church. So many of my friends are getting engaged or hitched. It's kinda crazy how everyone around me seem to be growing up so quickly. You look so very pretty :)

  20. You look so lovely! So silly you couldn't go to the buffet twice!!

  21. Wowee, look at you! You are stunning!

    I told my pregnant sister of your buffet complaint (lol) and she agrees! She went to a wedding a while back and there was nothing she could eat, all the food made her feel like she was going to be sick! She said she ate everyone's bread rolls and asked if you did the same, haha.

    I love both of those dresses on you, but since you've decided to return it my decision doesn't matter! Can't wait to see the maxi dress that replaces it!

    x Jasmine

  22. looked like a lovely wedding~!!! and omg, you are SUCH a cute prego lady!!!! :D

  23. You are seriously the cutest pregnant girl ever! You look amazing! And what a pretty wedding. No, I never ordered anything from Asos, but I do check it out all the time. I'm always tempted but unsure about the fit. But your Asos dresses are adorable!


  24. You are absolutely stunning. Love your black dress!


  25. You are one hot mama lady. You look amazing!

  26. Gotta' love weddings =) You look amazing! You look so cute with that baby bump :P That dress looks cute on you!

  27. weddings are nice cuz everyone is so happy. the LBD looks great on you, and 25 weeks! wow! I love that purple clutch you got too :D

  28. I just had to tell you how ahh-maze-ing you look in that LBD! You are rocking the pregnancy! Congrats!


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