A few new pretties...

I've added a few more new pretty pieces to my shop, junghwa by amy stewart.  Just wanted to show you guys.  I hope you like them!

rondelle bar necklaces - gray silveraquamarine bluejet black

sterling silver bar bracelets - black - natural


Oh Happy Sigh. Good Bed.

After 3 months of patiently waiting, our custom made West Elm headboard is finally here.  I have always wanted a romantic master bedroom.  A few more art pieces for the wall and chaise lounge and we're done!  I'll share more photos when we're finished.  I'm just so in love, I had to share!  I hope you're all sleeping in beautiful beds as well. 

tufted grid headboard, organic pintucked bedding, chunky wood bed frame, madison nightstands


My Birthday & Father's Day!

New mommy dress.  Felt so pretty in this.  And comfortable.  So important when you're taking care of a little one.

dress | asos
This is the dress I thought was going to be gray!  I LOVED it anyway!!

Sunday was Father's Day and my birthday.  We had lunch at PF Chang's with my family.  Had delicious food and from what I'm told, yummy dessert.  I couldn't eat it, but I made a really good wish though.  :)

Thank you babes for making my day so special.  I hope you enjoyed your first Father's Day!

We ended the day with a trip to the zoo.  Gavin's first time there.  He just loved the bats.  So cute!

In my opinion the best stroller ever... Teutonia.