Welcome Home Baby!!!

Baby is here!  Please welcome our new addition to the Stewart family...

8lb 9oz

2011.01.20 | 28 days
from blackberry bold


Motherhood is so fun and exciting.  Everyday is a new special day with Gavin.  We just love him with all our hearts.  He's growing so fast.  Today he's 9lb15oz.  Our big boy!  I ended up having a cesarean because he was just a little too big for me to birth naturally.  He started lifting his head all by himself on day 1 and now he's starting to coo and smile.  It's just so precious.  He makes the cutest facial expressions and makes me smile all the time.  About half the people say he looks like me and the other half say my hubby.  I think he's a perfect mix of both.  LOVE HIM!!