Fun Fact About Me Friday - Part Three

I'm starting to run out of fun facts!  I'm going to have to scour my brain for some really obscure ones for next time.  Enjoy!

1. My hubby and I dated for 3 years, then got engaged for 1 year, and have now been married for 1 year and 2 months.  I met him at a bar/dance club.  My friend thought he was cute so I went up to talk to him for her.  She ran away.  I pulled him away from the girl he was dancing with and I told him he was cute.  He asked me, "Do you want to dance or what?"  I said yes.  We've been together ever since. 

Maxim Party.  One of the first dates.  Free beer!

My dad took our engagement photos.  Thanks dad!!

The beginning of my life as Mrs. Stewart.

2. One of my dearest friends made me the godmother of her baby.  So cute right?!

I heart Nikki!

And I heart Brooklyn!!!

3.  I killed a cactus.  I cannot take care of house plants. 

4. I do not eat anything with artificial coloring (red40, blue5, yellow6... none of them).  They can potentially cause cancer or even ADHD in children.  I miss my cotton candy!!!!  Waaah!

Hockey game + cotton candy = awesome

5. I was born to love fashion. 

Eeyyy I knew what was up with high waisted pants.

And plaid skirts with knee high socks!

Don't be mad because I rocked the knee high boots!

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Alphabet Soup - Letter of the Day is H

I feel like I haven't done an alphabet soup post in a while.  I cheated with the G for Giveaway.  But you guys don't mind right?    Since I was doing headbands, of course I posted my sister Myra's Twigs & Honey pieces.  1. Because she's my little sister and I support her 100%.  2. Because her stuff is just so lovely.  She is actually in the process of making a headband for me.  Yay!

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my hubby and I are in the process of looking for a new home.  Very exciting.  There is this one that I just love.  Quiet neighborhood, 3-car garage, 4 bedrooms, and it's only 1 year old.  Not bad right?  I'll keep you guys posted on how that all pans out.

High Waisted



Halter Tops


Laguna High Waisted Pant | C & C California
 Printed Beaded Halter | Victoria's Secret
Pacific Headband | Twigs & Honey



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Letter of the Day is G for GIVEAWAY!!!

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Racing, H&M, Great Food ... Molto Bene!

Thanks for being patient with my lack of posts this weekend.  I'm sure my fun facts were entertaining enough to hold you over till today.  Right? 

Seattle was a blast!  We watched Seattle Supercross at Qwest Field, had great seats, and my all-time fav rider, Kevin Windham, won!  We stayed at the Mariott along the water, had the best burger EVER in their little bistro, and I slept so good that night.  Oh side note: I didn't know towncars were taxi's and we all got into one.  Didn't see a meter so I asked the driver if he really was a taxi and to please not kidnap us.  Haha.  I am weird!  Anyway, Sunday we stopped by H&M.  Actually, I was at H&M with one of my bestest girlfriends, while her hubby and their baby kept Sean company at Barnes & Noble.  Don't I have the sweetest husband?! 

Btw... I will be having another GIVEAWAY later this week.  I have a new item that I think you'll love, plus I have a surprise gift from a fellow Etsian.  Be sure to check back!

Seattle Supercross at Qwest Field.  We were in the 100 level.  Nice!

Track was a bit sandy, but the riders made do.

Why do I look like I'm dressed for the Arctic?  Because it was COLD!

Oh, how I heart this place.  Two floors of awesomeness.

3 stretchy tunics.  The striped and black one have ruched sleeves.  So cute!

The pants are linen (LOVE) and the jacket is the most lux drapey thing ever!

And of course some kick-around clothes. 

HEY HEY HEY... I just saw this.  My rope bracelets made it to http://www.luckymag.com/.  OMG... I've had a subscription to Lucky ever since they first came about.  How exciting!!!!

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Fun Facts About ME Friday - Part Two

Since, you guys seem to be slightly interested in facts about me... here's a few more.  I must seem like the craziest person.  I'm a gemini.  Does that explain anything at all? 

1. I'm a little scared of major heights, but I've been bungee jumping twice.  Takes me about 3-7 tries before I actually jump.  What a rush!!!  I also really want to try skydiving. 

About 100 feet up, which explains the fuzziness.  Super zoom!

2. I am a certified medical assistant.  Bet you didn't know that!  I used to work in family practice.  Did a lot of blood draws and immunizations, and now I am working for some of the best orthopedic surgeons around.  There, I'm removing sutures and staples, and I'm the person that puts your cast on!  Oh, I get to take it off too.  Yup... better watch out because I'm coming at you with my cast saw!!! 

Me in school several years ago, since I don't have any photos from work.  We are totally playing around.  Shots are no joke!  Lyuda was such a good sport. 

3. I have very small wrists (5 3/4") and I can get out of a pair of handcuffs.  Yes, there is a big funny story behind that. 

4.  One of my favorite things to do is... ROLLER COASTERS.  The bigger, the badder, the better.  I live 2 states away from Six Flags Magic Mountain, but I've been there 8 times or so.  And I recently hit up Six Flags Fiesta in Texas.  I just can't get enough of them.  I need one in my backyard.  For sure.

Six Flags Fiesta, when I visited my friend in Austin,TX.  I LOVE that city!!!

5. I am the worst frisbee thrower in the history of all frisbee throwers.  No, seriously... I'm the worst. 

See, even my form is wretched.  My friend Jesse on the otherhand is the best. 
Boo on him!

P.S. As you know, I will be in Seattle all weekend.  So, no new posts till Monday, BUT I am planning a big surprise so yes do come back. 

SIDE NOTE: Cat from Bride Blu just did a blog post about my rope bracelet!!!  Check out her blog HERE.  She is so sweet and I love her blog!

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Alphabet Soup - Letter of the Day is F

F is a freaking awesome letter.  F is for family.  F is for friends.  And F is for FUN!  This weekend we will be our family and friends having tons of fun.  Yay!  We'll be in Seattle for the whole weekend for Supercross.  That's dirt bike racing for those of you who are going, "huh?"  I'll finally be able to make a trip to H&M!!!  I am so excited about that.  Watch... they'll probably be out of my size in everything I want.  Hopefully they won't.  Keeping my fingers crossed. 




Sassy Sandal Platform | Charles David
Ruffled Silk Dress | Eight Sixty
Flower Punk Ring | Juicy Couture


Alphabet Soup - Letter of the Day is E

First off, I want to say that I totally flubbed on my mom's birthday gift.  I didn't have a chance to pick up the massage gift certificate.  I ended up getting her some Clarins cream from Sephora that she had been wanting.  I think I'll just have to use the first idea for Mother's Day!!!  But thank you so much for all your suggestions. 

E was fun.  It is not easy finding this many lovelies that all start with the same letter.  Good for the brain though, I think.  Keeps me on my toes.  Btw... that chantico tank from Anthropologie is going to be mine.  Getting delivered to my house.  Yup.  Lovely and I will probably end up getting every color.  Why?  Because that's how I do.



Eight Sixty

Two-Tone Silk Dress | Marc Bouwer Glamit
Silk Chiffon Pleated Blouse | Victoria's Secret
Chantico Tank | Anthropologie
Belle Lattice Espadrilles | Sigerson Morrison
Pearl Dust Espadrille | White House Black Market
Dress in Black | Eight Sixty

On a side note: Bre from The Red Bungalow just did a blog post about my rope bracelets.  So sweet!  Thank you!!!!  Be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already. 

You can purchase these HERE.