The BIG Hike

What a beautiful weekend we had here.  We get such little sunshine here in the NW, so I truly appreciate every sunny day.  On Saturday, my hubby surprised me with a little trip to Multnomah Falls.  We hiked to the top and man was that a hike.  There were 11 "switchbacks" and I had to take a breather at each one.  I believe I've been to the top 3 or 4 times, but this was the most special... my first with Sean. 

A view of the falls near the bottom.  It was a long ways up!

The hike was really difficult for me, but we had such a good time.

See how excited I am?

Excited because we FINALLY made it to the top!

Beautiful right?  Too bad someone littered.  Why do people do that?!

Hope everyone had a good weekend too!
On Me:
Jacket | Burton
Sweatshirt | Triple Five Soul (I've owned this since '97)
Boots | Dav | Gilt Groupe


Pouch idea

I made a few pouches for myself and I started putting everything in them.  My rubber stamps, ribbons, safety pins...

I think I'm going pouch crazy!  But they're so darling I can't help it.  Can you blame me?  Here's one I put my spool of ribbon in.  Now it doesn't unravel and I just pull out as much as I need. 

Art by Amarose has just featured my Cloudy Day sweater in her Etsy Treasury.  Take a look.  Gray with a Touch of Sunshine.  I love it.

Thank you Art by Amarose!


I just love this.  It's original art by Juliette Crane on Etsy.  Her face is so sweet.  These are the size of playing cards.  I think it would look so beautiful in a large matted frame. 

ooo Cupcake - $10

I'm such a goof

So sorry... I posted a blog post about my adorable linen pouches and they weren't even available on etsy!  I must have clicked on something funky because the listing for them was DEACTIVATED.  What?!  Anyway, they're back up at my shop, junghwa by amy stewart.


Cloudy Day

Finally... the lovely gray sweater I was talking about a while back is posted on junghwa by amy stewart.  I told you it was cute didn't I?  I love it.  It's super soft and I just love gray.  It goes with everything!  It has a relaxed fit, so it's perfect for when you want to be comfy yet fashionable.  The black flower adornments are handmade by moi. 

ooo Cloudy Day | $35 (FREE shipping!!)

Model | My lovely sister Myra
Photo credits | Myra Callan of Twigs & Honey

More is better

Just designed a new drawstring pouch.  This is my favorite!  I adore the linen with the soft baby pink.  Everything is handmade, handsewn, hand-stamped.  Love, love, love.

ooo Hug A Tree - $3 each or $5.50 for 2

Birds, flowers, and polka-dots

I'm at home sick with a cold.  The Dayquil finally kicked in and I can finally swallow without my throat burning.  I hate being sick!

On a lighter note, I just added a listing to my shop, junghwa by amy stewart for drawstring pouches.  They were what I put my bracelet orders in and they were such a hit that they are now available for purchase.  They're great for gift cards, jewelry, make-up... just about anything!  They also come with a hand-stamped card.  I love making them!

ooo Jewelry or Gift Card Pouches - $2.75 each or $7.50 for 3


Anniversary update

So, for our 1 year wedding anniversary, we went to Lincoln City.  The weather was amazing and we had such a blast.  Walked on the beach, relaxed, ate some seafood, got killer deals at the Langer Outlet Mall.  All-in-all, it couldn't have been better.

My hubby and I

The view from our balcony

The beach

Oh the sweetness

Ooh Looky Looky

Sweet Sharon gave me a blog award.  Thank you girly!  Visit her blog HERE.

Check out her blog.  She's got some cute outfits!!!


Happy 1 Year Wedding Anniversary!!

To who?  ME!  Well, me and Sean of course.  My hubby and I started dating February 25, 2005.  On our three year anniversary, Sean proposed.  One year later we got married.  February 21, 2009 to be exact.  And now we're celebrating our first wedding anniversary.  Yay!  Sean is an amazing husband and I'm truly blessed. 

We're heading out to the coast to celebrate for the weekend.  So, I won't be posting for a few days.  Have a great weekend everybody!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our wedding. 

Wedding Photo Credits | Paul Rich Studios

first wedding aniversary | paper
handmade | junghwa by amy stewart
background piece | blush

I often wonder...

What it would be like to be covered in pretty flowers.  So luxe.  So lovely.  So perfect.  This was definitely a labor of love.

ooo Blush - $39

p.s.  My top is a burnout tee from Forever21.


Spring Flowers

Be warm or look pretty?  How about both?  Yes, I have just posted a new item at my Etsy shop.  It's a black knit scarf with floral adornments.  So lovely.  Plus, if you order before March 1st, I will waive the shipping fees.  FREE SHIPPING.


New is good too

I will be posting a new item in the next few days.  It's finished and on it's way to be photographed.  Yes indeedy it is finally another clothing piece.  Sorry for the long delay.  You know how it is trying to divide your time equally between relationships, work, and life.  Anyways, one hint...

It's soft.

And it's gray!

Ok, that was two but whatever.  I'm excited!


Valentines Day = Shopping Trip!

My loving husband and I decided that since our anniversary is next week and we're celebrating big then, that we'd skip out on Valentine's Day gifts.  But come Sunday morning he surprised me with a shopping trip.  I love those.  Unfortunately, when I get to buy whatever I want... I find next to nothing.  So much for all the good sales.  I did however come away with a really cute tank from Charlotte Russe and a pair of 7 for all Mankind skinny jeans.

ooo 7 for all Mankind Roxanne - $155 | similar pair
(I scored mine at Nordstrom Rack for $99.97)

Oh, plus Sean surprised me with my favorite chocolates, Godiva.  Mmmmm.  And yes, they are delicious!

After my long search

I have been looking for a cute clutch for the longest time.  It's been hard because I didn't want to spend a lot on something I was only using a few times and I wanted it to be super cute.  Well, I just found it and it's on its way.  Yay!  And guess where I found it?  Charlotte Russe.  Today everything is 15% off, plus if you sign up for their email you get an additional 10% off. 

ooo Satin Ruffle Chain Purse - $12.99 ($9.94 with discounts)

I also got a killer pair of shoes for a great price as well.  This one comes in cognac and black.  I got them in black and I may go back for the cognac as well.

ooo Strappy Peep Toe Sandal - $36.50 ( $27.92 with discounts)


With this dress...

With this dress, you HAVE to have a good time.  How cute are the pink pleated ruffles?!  And the exposed zipper in back?!  I also found this at Conversation Pieces