Alphabet Soup - Letter of the day is N

I had to think about N for a little while, but isn't N so pretty?! 

N is for nice.  N is for naughty.  N is for NOW!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We've been house hunting and let me tell you... it is very time consuming.  Well, I'm pleased to announce we put our first offer down on a house!  Yay!!!  It's really cute, but because it's a short sale, it needs some TLC.  My hubs found another one he loves and wants to put an offer on.  I think we're taking a look at it this weekend.  It's NOT a short sale, so this could be the one!!

Nanette Lepore



fancy free tote | anthropologie

P.S.  My little sister and her hubby are coming home tonight from Paris.  I haven't talked to her in weeks!  I'm picking them up at the airport and I'm just super excited.  My sis is one of my best friends and I talk to her just about every single day!  Btw... did I ever mention that my sister is Myra of Twigs & Honey?  If you haven't heard of her, you will.  She has a very successful bridal accessories and adornments shop.  You can see her items EVERYWHERE!  I'm so proud of her!!! 

Here's her links :


Alphabet Soup - Letter of the day is M - ME

I thought I would combine the letter M post with my facts about me, since well... I just couldn't have worked it out better.  But I would like to mix it up a little bit.  I think people try to almost always post about all the wonderful things they like but come on...


I have pet peeves.  Can you believe it?  Yes ma'am, I sure do.  So here's a list of some pet peeves of mine.  And just so it's not all negative and what not, I've also listed some things I love.


1. Trying to get on the freeway and the driver doesn't let me in. 
2. People trying to cut in front of me in line.  Hello?!
3. Talking on the phone and that person starts talking to someone else. 
Hi, yeah it's me and I'm still here!
4. Junk mail and junk email.
5. The neighbor's cat sitting on my back porch screaming and screaming for no good reason.


1. That my husband gives me a hug and kiss every time he gets home from work. 
2. Warm summer nights.  It's like winning the lottery.
3. When someone else cooks a delicious dinner and cleans the dishes.  (i.e. mother, mother-in-law, restaurant)  It's such a nice break sometimes!!
4. Being a wife.
5. Winning giveaways...

And speaking of winning giveaways...

Thanks to Erika at Cafe Fashionista, I just received my giveaway prizes. 

THREE Meg Cabot novels and a $50 gift certificate to Urban Outfitters!!!

The Page Stoppers Giveaway WINNER!

Sorry, but no lovely graphics today because my Adobe Photoshop is acting up, once again.  But the winner of the The Page Stoppers giveaway is...

Carissa | Lowercase Letters!!

I love Carissa's blog.  She's a lovely woman with a kind heart and if you haven't already checked out her blog, please do so now.  It's one of those wonderfully, amazing blogs you'll never want to stop reading.  Check out her blog HERE.


Alphabet Soup - Letter of the Day is L

Hey you guys, remember that rope bracelet giveaway I had a little while ago?  Well, here's another chance to win one.  Bon Bon Rose Girls is hosting a GIVEAWAY for me.  Fun!  If you haven't been over there, go take a look!  You can enter the giveaway HERE

There's also only 1 day left for The Page Stoppers GIVEAWAY!  It's not too late to enter and win the super cute ring.  Plus, it's super easy!  You can enter HERE.

Now onto today's letter of the day.  L is for lemonade, which I am totally craving all the time right now.  L is for lovely.  L is for LOVE...


Little Black Dress


cropped crinkled leather jacket | INC international concepts
grey skies loungers | anthropologie
guava flower chemise | anthropologie


Alphabet Soup - Letter of the Day is K

Before I begin my post I would like to congratulate my dear friends Leslie from Lemon Sweet and Jason on their engagement.  He proposed at her graduation party last night.  It was so sweet and so very romantic and I am so glad to have been there to witness something 4 years in the making.  They are a great couple and I wish them many years of happiness.  Love you guys!

K is for kind, which we should all be as often as possible.  K is for kid, which is fun to be all the time. 

You'll notice all the knit dresses are from Victoria's Secret and the reason for that is I think they have such an awesome collection.  They offer them year round and there are so many different colors and styles.  Also, if you register your email with them, they offer the occasional discount on top of their already discounted prices.  Take a look!

Kimono Dresses


Knit Dresses

kimono wrap dress | victoria's secret
marie hooded kimono | vava by joy han
the beach dress | victoria's secret
off-the-shoulder tee dress | victoria's secret

P.S.  Robin Hood was awesome.  It was the typical story you've heard so many times.  It was actually the perfect back story on how he came to be.  I'm pretty sure they left it open for a sequel.  I recommend it. 

Don't forget about The Page Stoppers GIVEAWAY!!!  Ends May 20th!

The Page Stoppers GIVEAWAY!!

Grace from The Page Stoppers has asked me to host a giveaway for her sweet Etsy shop.  Her shop consists of rose hair pins, rose rings, and darling bookmarkers with charms.  She is a kindergarten teacher in Singapore and opened her shop two months ago.  She works along side her boyfriend and together they make beautiful items for all you fantastic ladies out there.  If you haven't checked out this shop yet, please take a look HERE.

This giveaway is for the sweet little lavender rose ring.  Grace also gifted me with the cutest star bookmark.  Love it!  And doesn't it look so perfect in my Eclipse book?!

Here are the rules for entering :

1. PLEASE be a follower of my blog and if you already are, let me know. If you're not yet, then go to the right panel and click follow. I will be checking every single entry.

2. Visit www.etsy.com/shop/thepagestoppers, then leave me a comment telling me what your favorite item is.

BONUS entries...

1. This counts as TWO extra entries. Post this giveaway on your blog as it's own separate post or have a link on your sidebar. Leave the link in a separate comment, otherwise it won't count.

2. OR for ONE extra entry, post this giveaway on twitter. Leave the link in a separate comment, otherwise it won't count.

DEADLINE : May 20th @ 5PM pst!!!


HOORAY FOR TODAY & It's Simple Love

I haven't been feeling well lately so it's been hard for me to sit in front of the computer and post.  VERY SORRY.  But I do have great news!!!  As of today, I am debt free!!!!!!  Hooray!  Of course that doesn't include school loans and new marriage stuff like our new vehicles and what not.  But no more credit card debt.  What a relief.  I don't even own a credit card anymore.  I just let my hubby deal with the credit cards, because he is much more responsible with money than I am.  There has to be one of those in every relationship.  Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you guys.  Good news.  Don't you just love good news?!

Btw... we're planning on watching Robin Hood tomorrow.  Oh my gosh it looks SO good!!!  I heart Russell Crowe.  He is so amazing in these types of epic films.

What are you doing to jump start your weekend?

P.S.  Cirque du Soleil was AWESOME!!!  Kooza was amazing.  If this show rolls through your town... it is a must see!

P.P.S. Please take a minute to hop on over to Racheal of It's Simple Love's blog.  She conducted a little interview about me and I give a few tips on opening an Etsy shop.  She is a lovely girl with an amazing blog and I know you will love it as much as I do.  Check out the interview HERE.

 Isn't she gorgeous?!


Alphabet Soup - Letter of the Day is J

J is for jolly, J is for joy, J is for jam (which brings me joy and makes me jolly).

SIDE NOTE: I'm a little sad because my Etsy shop, the shop that is generated from my creativity and hard work, has found itself some imitators.  Although, imitation is suppose to be flattering... this time it's not.   It saddens me that fellow Etsians wouldn't have respect for each other.  We should be supporting each other, especially in this economy.  I can only hope that buyers will know the difference between my work and the imitations.  I will not let this bring me down.  I will not let this affect my work ethic.  This will only push me to strive to be even more creative.  Thank you for all your support.  I hope you had a great weekend and Mother's Day.  Maybe I need some JAM!!!




alexa jumper | marc by marc jacobs
knot front jumper | silence & noise
earth bead necklace | michelle roy
peep toe jellie | hale bob
jaya jelly | diane von furstenberg
pink jelly gladiator | see by chloe