Alphabet Soup - Letter of the day is M - ME

I thought I would combine the letter M post with my facts about me, since well... I just couldn't have worked it out better.  But I would like to mix it up a little bit.  I think people try to almost always post about all the wonderful things they like but come on...


I have pet peeves.  Can you believe it?  Yes ma'am, I sure do.  So here's a list of some pet peeves of mine.  And just so it's not all negative and what not, I've also listed some things I love.


1. Trying to get on the freeway and the driver doesn't let me in. 
2. People trying to cut in front of me in line.  Hello?!
3. Talking on the phone and that person starts talking to someone else. 
Hi, yeah it's me and I'm still here!
4. Junk mail and junk email.
5. The neighbor's cat sitting on my back porch screaming and screaming for no good reason.


1. That my husband gives me a hug and kiss every time he gets home from work. 
2. Warm summer nights.  It's like winning the lottery.
3. When someone else cooks a delicious dinner and cleans the dishes.  (i.e. mother, mother-in-law, restaurant)  It's such a nice break sometimes!!
4. Being a wife.
5. Winning giveaways...

And speaking of winning giveaways...

Thanks to Erika at Cafe Fashionista, I just received my giveaway prizes. 

THREE Meg Cabot novels and a $50 gift certificate to Urban Outfitters!!!


  1. Oh, you won that give-away... congrats Amy!

    I agree with your likes and dislikes... except I don't like warm summer nights. Hahaha! I had my share of warm in different degrees and I am not wishing for more.

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  2. Aww, hubbies are great. And no, people should NOT cut in front of others. Good choice for "M".

  3. Amy,

    I love this blog. And I love that you also shared your "human" traits! This is refreshing.

    :) Marcie

  4. Congrats on the giveaway - lucky lady! Can't wait to see what you choose from Urban!

    I'm completely with you on your love of someone else cooking and cleaning. Those are the best nights!

  5. Ooh...Urban Outfitters...I love that store. Great clothes and house stuff.

    I will have to say, having a husband is nice. Always someone to talk to. :)

  6. enjoyed your likes and dislikes : )

  7. Wow, what a great prize - you're a lucky girl! What a fun post to read - though I must say I rather like junk mail, well, some of it.
    I'm glad you enetered my giveaway too!

  8. OMG! SWEET winnings! YIPEE!!! Congrats!

    Ughhhh I HATE it when on the phone and the other person starts talking to someone else in the room. ARGH!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  9. haha i hate it too when somebody starts talking to somebody else when i'm on the phone with them. i can't tell if they're talking to me or not.

  10. so intresting to see the combination of your "alphabet soup" and "fact about you",, jenius amy,, hahhaha anyway, congratz for the giveaway,,


  11. But you do like chocolate chips right??

    Congrats on winning the giveaway, you are going to have fun spending your gift certificate!!

    Chic on the Cheap

    ps. I hate bent forks.

  12. Glad that you shared some dislikes - you're right, we all have them!

  13. Agreed on getting off in line. I think it's the worst when there is a line in the woman's restroom and someone just goes in and ignores the line! Ugh that's frustrating. I the woman who, trying to be polite, let's them now their is a line.


  14. Wives deserve a nice break!

    I've never experienced the cutting in line, but I've seen it. In those cases it was usually an older lady trying to take advantage of being an old lady. ;P

    Congrats again on the win. Hope you and the mister have a wonderful weekend!

  15. What a wonderful prize you won! Enjoy! I agree with all of your dislikes, except my neighbors don't have a cat, thankfully! Have a great weekend. xo

  16. That's an awesome giveaway! I'm with you on the likes and dislikes, Amy, totally! Enjoy your weekend!

  17. what a lovely win!

    i love #1's too! the highlight of my day is seeing my hubs when he gets home!

    i can't stand #3 either... it's just so awkward!

    happy weekend!

  18. Really fun post, darling!
    Congrats on your win!


  19. aww cute post

    and congratz on winning those prizes!! i wish i won them! ;-)

    have a lovely day!!

    --claudia K


  20. Congrats on winning the giveaway, Amy! That's so exciting! I love winning things too! Have a great weekend.


  21. I can't with the telephone thing. It's one of the most disrespectful things. I used to have a friend that did this all the time!

    Agree with the nights of summer and the dishes! I'm sick and tired of have to clean them :D

    - Laura

  22. i hate it when people try to cut me in line. :( but congrats on your prizes. :D

  23. I love this post! Your pet peeves made me cringe -- those are some of my biggest ones as well. I get so stressed when people don't let me in on the highway!
    xxoo Josie

  24. I am the same way when I'm on the phone. It bugs me when I'm talking to someone and then they say something out of the blue. Then I find out they're talking to someone else. :/

  25. Hay dear blogger!
    How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

    Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
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    Love, Cindy.

  26. ..he he he ..this post made me laught ; ) I also hate junk mail and e-mail , it's so annoying ..
    ..hey , but cats are so lovely ..he he he , well , mine sometimes are like little huligan but it's ok : )

    oooh , I love when somebody do the cooking and cleaning up ..it's really nice to have a break ..

    hope you had a lovely weekend darling ..
    Ellinelle xxx

  27. Yes - I have to say that I do absolutely love when my mother cooks and cleans up afterwards - wish it would happen more often (both mine and my husband's parents live out-of-town!)


  28. Such a cute post!!! I really love cats and am not allowed to have pets.. maybe I could borrow your neighbor's cat.
    And warm summer nights are like winning the lottery!!!!

    Congrats on your giveaway prize!!! It is awesome to see someone I know (well, know via blogworld) win a giveaway prize because I feel like no one actually wins those things... but low and behold, you DID!!!

  29. Warm summer nights...ah, I can't imagine anything more perfect! And thank you so much for the shoutout, Amy - yayay for your prizes arriving...I'm so glad you like them!! :)

  30. That is a fantastic giveaway to win! Meg Cabot books are so much fun to read. I've read Airhead and Being Nikki. They are always fun books.

    I love your loves and don't likes. Although I don't mind junk mail because I like to flick through catalogues.

    And I'm about 5'2" and Jason is 6'1" So it's similar to you :) (though you guys are taller than us)

  31. congrats for winning erika's giveaway!!

    many thanks for your warm comments :)
    hope you're enjoying the weekend !

    like my colored tights on my latest post ? now is your chance to win a pair of the tights in your choice of color !
    click here for more details !

  32. YUP...I have the exact same pet peeves! You can add drivers that tailgate dangerously close to my list as well! :)

  33. Congrats on winning the giveaway!

    And I hate when people cut in front of me in line too lol.

  34. I feel you on the dislikes!! >.< It gets me so bothered when people start talking to other people while they're supposed to be on the phone with me ! Grrr, especially when they were the ones who called me. It's like "Uh.. You called me, so what the heck are you doing talkig to other people" =/

  35. I couldn't agree more about warm summer nights!


  36. How sweet that you love being a wife! That's like the best loved feeling, isn't it?

    And my, you sure have lots of luck winning giveaways don't you? No wonder it's on your list too. ;)

  37. Congratulations on winning! That's always so exciting! And how sweet to read about the things you love! Have a lovely new week!

    Kristin xx

  38. I hate "line cutters" as well...especially when they act all oblivious, like "what, you mean this group of people standing in a line was actually a line?!?!"...urgh :)

    Summer nights are the best! How cool is it that it is FINALLY getting warm outside!

    Hope you have a lovely time shopping today, my dear! Please do post the goodies you find :)

    xo Cat

  39. Hi doll,
    Those are many of my pet peeves too! Especially your neighbors cat! lol just kidding, I can't stand it when people won't let you merge on the freeway!
    Have a great week! xoxo

  40. I have the same dislikes as you minus #5 hahahaha, that one is funny. Wow, congrats on winning! :)

  41. oh how i LOVE winning giveaways too!!! i haven't won one in awhile though. =( love your ME facts!! =)

  42. Aren't you a lucky lady? That's a killer giveaway win! Summer evenings are my fave too...especially when couple with a stroll on the beach!

  43. Wow, congratulations on your win! What a great prize!

    I think a lot of your dislikes come under one term - lack of courtesy. I mean seriously, who talks to someone else while they're on the phone to you? And it seems as though no one wants to wait their turn in line these days!

    x Jasmine


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