My Photography - My Boy


My baby approaching 3 in a few months.  My, my, my... has he grown.  It feels like I was posting pregnancy photos not that long ago.  I think we need to get him a puppy soon.  He deserves one.  My love.



Junghwa Packaging


I've always taken a lot of pride in the designs I create because it comes from my own heart and imagination.  My designs are constantly copied and it truly hurts my soul.  My work is my livelihood, but as upsetting as it is I keep in mind that everything comes full circle.  So with that said, I always remember to keep "moving up and forward" and try to never look back.  My jewelry puts smiles on faces and that makes me so happy.  I love taking the extra time to create a presentation for each piece.  I put so much work into everything, of course the outside should match the beauty of the inside. 

These are for a lovely friend of mine who is gifting custom pieces to all her bridesmaids.  I love being a part of something so grand.

Thanks to all my new and loyal customers.  You're the best!



Blogger Love

Junghwa jewelry got lots of love this past week on these beautiful blogs:

I AM THE BOSS hand stamped necklace | A Beautiful Mess
Necklace photo credit: Amy Stewart

BE FREE hand stamped necklace | Etsy Find Of The Day
Necklace photo credit: Amy Stewart

Fringey Spike Earrings in gold | Cool Mom Picks
Earrings photo credit: Amy Stewart

Shooting Stars Bracelet in gold | hoytrykk
Bracelet photo credit: Amy Stewart

Wedding photo credit: Rivington Photography
I love seeing how happy Junghwa jewelry makes people.  It really puts a smile on my face.  So much love to all the bloggers who took the time to credit my pieces.  I love all these blogs.  You should definitely go check them out if you haven't already.


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Red On Red Phoenix Ring


Just a quick shot from my phone (sorry for the blur).  I wanted to show you how pretty the Phoenix Ring in ruby is with red nails.  Red for dinner and a haunted house with my family.

Available in 6 colors HERE:

Main Site: http://bit.ly/1abm0LT
Etsy Shop: http://etsy.me/HcgvnG



Instagram Giveaway - Phoenix Ring


GIVEAWAY TIME!! I love my Phoenix Rings so much I wanted to share. Your choice of crystal color and wire (sterling silver or gold filled). For every 100 reposts a new winner will be added. Head on over to Instgram to enter.

ENTER HERE: instagram.com/amyjunghwa

Good luck!



Phoenix Rings - New Colors Added


I love these rings!  They are really difficult to make but I'm over the moon with delight every time I finish one.  They're so pretty and fun.  The newest colors to this collection are teal (my fav), ruby, and aquamarine. 

They are available in half and whole sizes, sterling silver or gold filled, and SIX different crystal colors.  The Amber is very limited.


New Arrival - Black Onni Clover & Amara Lariat

Our sweet little Onni clover necklace is now available in black.  Perfect for this upcoming winter fashion!
Available with silver framing on a sterling silver chain as well.

Main Site: http://bit.ly/18I9wNl
Etsy Shop: http://etsy.me/1a5efqD

Only a few to go around!


This is what I'm currently wearing.  The double ring lariat necklace - Amara.  The position of the rings can be easily adjusted.  Great for wearing everyday since it can be adjusted for most necklines.
Available in sterling silver as well.


New Arrivals - Oh Hello Little Heart


NEW!  The Oh Hello Dog Tag Necklace.  Hand stamped and on trend for the military look this fall.  Available exclusively in my Etsy shop. 

Limited quantity available HERE: http://etsy.me/1fRs5mK

tinytags22 tinytags21

New little open heart stamping now available!!  This is definitely my favorite.  So cute and sweet.  These would make great gifts for loved ones.

Available for all Junghwa hand stamped necklaces.

Main site: http://bit.ly/14PavJM
Etsy shop: http://etsy.me/WmNEid




Sale - Free Shipping On Orders Over $25

Free shipping on all orders over $25.  Now until October 15th @ 11:59pm pst.  No quantity limit.  Yay!

Use coupon code: SHIPFREE25

Valid only at junghwabyamystewart.com.


Outfit - Wedding in Seattle

Outfit details from our quick trip to Seattle.  This is what I wore to a magnificent wedding at Kiana Lodge in Washington.  This was on the ferry to Bainbridge.  I wore my favorite rings and my always present Tiny Initial Tags Necklace.  I wanted to keep my accessories at a minimum because the dress was such a vibrant blue.  The gold clutch added a little glam to the edgy ensemble. 

Leather Jacket & Ankle Strap Heels | Zara
Electric Blue Dress | Esley
 Gifted Gold Clutch | Marc Jacobs for Target


DIY - Chalkboard Mason Jar Name Tags

One of the many projects I've been working on for my dearest friend's baby shower.  Chalkboard name tags to tie around mason jars.  That way everyone can keep track of their drinking glass.  These plastic lids by The Mason Bar Company are great too.  They won't be on all the jars for this shower but they would be great for a future event.  BPA free and reusable.

Materials for the tags:
  • string (I used baker's twine, but jute twine would be really cute too)
  • cardstock for the backing (I used kraft colored from my local craft store)
  • chalkboard contact paper (similar HERE)
  • liquid chalk pen (similar HERE)
  • hole punch

Optional materials:
  • mason jar (can be purchased at craft stores, grocery stores)
  • paper straws (similar HERE)
  • plastic lid (HERE)

  1. peel backing from contact paper (it comes in a roll)
  2. apply cut cardstock onto contact paper (these are 2" x 3")
  3. after the cut cardstock is applied, cut the excess contact paper (you're basically using the cardstock as a cutting guide for the contact paper, as well as keeping it stiff)
  4. cut your string to a desired length, long enough to wrap around whatever glass you want to tie it onto
  5. draw or write your message on the contact paper
  6. wait for it to dry
  7. punch a hole at the top
  8. thread the string through the hole and voila...

Pretty easy right?