Amy has always been a creative and imaginative person. She has been into the arts since she was a young child and knew that one day her passion and dream of being a designer would become a reality. She went to college in Portland, OR to study sales and marketing. Being a little hesitant to share her designs with the public she went back to school to study in the medical field. She became a Certified Medical Assistant and Orthopedic Technician in 2008. After several years of putting aside her aspirations in design, she became anxious to get back into fashion. In 2009, she married her long time love, Sean. The very next year she started her business Junghwa by Amy Stewart as a part-time operation. She split her time between her business and her day job. Then, in late 2010, the happy couple welcomed their first child. Excited beyond belief to be a mother to an amazing baby boy, she knew right then and there that she wanted be home with him as much as possible. So she left her career as a CMA and dove head first into her business full-time. This is what she has always wanted to do. This brand was not started on a whim and you can see the dedication in her work.

Junghwa designs are simple, yet elegant and can be worn everyday with ease. Each piece is handmade with care and beautifully packaged. Junghwa jewelry can be found all over the world and is worn by people who love classic simplicity. The styles change every season but always stay true to Amy's basic design principle, which is simple everyday pretty™. Jewelry for any day, any occasion, any age, any person. They have been featured in Lucky, Smitten Magazine, Flutter Magazine, Cosmopolitan Bride, The Handcrafted Wedding, and many more. 

"Thank you all for making my lifelong dream come true.  I appreciate each and every one of you and hope that my designs continue to make you happy."  -Amy