Alphabet Soup - Letter of the day is B

B is for bold.  B is for beautiful.  B is for BE nice to someone today, even if you don't like them.  B is also for bread, which I can't seem to get enough of these days (sorry butt... and thighs).  

Before I begin, I have one question for you all...

What is a good birthday present for my mom?!  Her birthday is next Monday and I can't think of anything.  She is a difficult woman to shop for.  She's one of those people that smile and say, "oh, thanks... I love it", then when you turn around she says, "that's it?"  Can't win with her.  I was thinking about a gift certificate for a massage.  Is that lame?  HELP!!!

Ok and here's some lovely lovelies that begin with B.  P.S. The bags are on my dream list. 


Bumble Bee-ish

Bubble Hem



Vintage Slim Pant | Victoria's Secret
Dolman Sleeve Tunic | INC International Concepts
Dusky Alba Dress | Anthropologie
Sukey Bag | Gucci
Bold | BlackBerry

*EDIT : I almost forgot... B is also for Brooklyn Thread.  The lovely Joanna has just picked up my rope bracelets to carry in her shop!!!  She just bought a truck load today.  So exciting!!!


  1. LOVE the anthro dress and the sukey bag!! but they are both out of my price range! =( can't wait to receive your Beautiful knot Bracelet!! =P

  2. B is also for Brittany! :-) Love the bags! I think the massage gift certificate is a great idea.. what woman doesn't love a great rub down?!

  3. love the bags!
    certificate for beauty treatment is good

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  4. Ahh bracelets. I love. And Bumblebeeish hehe. I just like the word Bumblebee :)

    P.S. Lol Yeh iphone's are a lot bigger here than a Blackberry (I think...) x

  5. Ummm, LOVE the bracelets and that Antrho dress. As for your mom, that's super tough -- my mom is SO hard to buy for. I think next year I'm going to take her to lunch, because I know she really just wants us to spend more time together!
    xxoo Josie

  6. My mother is my best friend so I typically have no problems buying presents for her, she is also seriously so easy to shop for.

    Things I have Bought For Her:

    Clothes- she hates shopping for herself and spends most of her money on bills.
    Tickets to her Fav. baseball team.
    Tickets to her Fav. Broadway play.
    Super Mario brothers for the Wii,
    Trip to the nail salon (With me) Mani, Pedi & Eyebrows
    Tons of little things as add on gifts, such as good make up, nail polishes, and accessories.

    Hope that give you some ideas!!!

  7. I would buy something that is not MU releted ;)

    Im having a GOVEAWAY (Chanel Particuliere, OPI, NYX, CH, Eldora false lashes, H&M, The Body Shop, Garnier, Jill Sander,...) and youre welcome to join if you like!

    All your readers are welcome too!


  8. the bags, i think that's great :)


  9. Such a cute post! You are so, very creative with your posts! I love the bracelets btw!

  10. Congratulations on the rope bracelets, that's great news!

    The bracelet at the top look slike a "c", so you could use it tomorrow as well. Is it called a cuff bracelet???

    Moms! If she will actually get the massage, that's a good gift. Unless she has a hobby you could support with a related gift or has hinted about something, it's hard to know what to suggest. Sorry! I would be thrilled with a massage right now!

  11. I think the massage is a great idea! My mom has always been asking me for one of those but I'm lame & still never got around to getting her one! Hahahah.

  12. Yay to bags and Blackberry!!

  13. Loving loving loving loving the Sukey bag!!!:D

  14. Hey I've nominated you for an award. You can check it out on my blog =)


  15. i love the bracelet.

    my mum is just like that and then one year for christmas i got her a massage & facial gift certificate for us to do together and she genuinely loved it so it could be a winner! good luck! x

  16. Loving the Burberry bangle/cuff! Yeah, go for the massage voucher, that sounds goo for a tricky mother :)

  17. love the bags and bangles so much.

    thanks for your nice comment on my blog,
    have a nice day! :D
    veren .a little princess.

  18. Bumblebeeish! Ha...love that AND the top! Congrats on the bracelet order...assuming you already gave one to your Mom?

  19. Those are cute bags, and I have the same Blackberry - absolutely love it!

  20. Love this alphabet idea...those bubble dresses are divine.

    Congrats on Brooklyn Threads...how exciting!!!!

  21. Those accessories are darling!


  22. Bold is wonderful! The bubble-hem skirt is L-O-V-E :)

    My mom is the hardest person on the PLANET to shop for. I've tried those gift sites that break moms into categories: the book-club mom, the chef mom, the stay-at-home mom, the knitting queen mom, the mom that has everything. HELLO?! None of those fit. How about the mom that doesn't really have any hobbies and hates shopping? Blah. I like the idea of a massage-who wouldn't love a day at the spa? Good luck!

    Unravelled Threads

  23. Nice post on the Alphabet "B"
    Love the bracelets you posted!

  24. Bread and bracelets indeed! mmm bread.

  25. so, i am TOTALLY loving that bubble hem skirt by asos! sooo sooo gorgeous! :)
    and thank you for your sweet comments! :)

  26. Gotta love the sexy cheery yellow.

  27. FAB X

    For everything about fashion:

  28. Congratulations! I love your blog too! Thanks for stopping by mine. :) I think the massage idea is awesome and maybe you could get one too and make a "mother daughter day" of it? xo

  29. Gorgeous selections, darling! Especially loving that bubble hem skirt!


  30. Ohmigosh I adore Brooklyn Threads; congratulations on having your work picked up by Joanna. What an amazing opportunity!! :)

  31. I'm sooo loving the yellow converse shoes!! I need a pair of those. I actually did a post today on those shoes. People are really loving 'em!

  32. Ok I am totally getting my mom the massage. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I'll use a few of the other ones for Mother's Day. You guys are the best!

    Btw... I'm really excited to do G because I have a big surprise!!

  33. Cute bracelets! Your mom should think she's lucky to have a daughter with such great taste! My dad is the same way, so now I just give him a cheque haha

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  34. tough one on the gift idea part~ i think a message or a spa treatment would be wonderful!

    Congratulations on being part of Brooklyn Threads!

    love the yellow tunic!

  35. my mom is my bff and we talk all the time however to buy a gift for she is impossible! the woman buys whatever she wants and really doesn't want anyone to spend money on her..so i really have to step out of the box to get her something good! her new thing is the ipad to read at the beach in the summer instead of bringing a book with her..
    ps love your blog just stumbled on it! your work is gorgeous!

  36. A truckload of bracelets! You sold 'em?! That's AMAZING! You're officially a supplier! How cool is that!? Congrats! :D

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  37. LOVE the Asos skirt! And I love how the model paired it with a striped top. I want the whole outfit!


  38. I don't know about your price range for your mums present, but i'm sure she'd appreciate a day of pampering at a spa, and a lovely meal with you? :)


  39. left you something on my blog, beautiful woman! xoxox


Thanks so much for your lovely comment!