Fun Facts About ME Friday - Part Two

Since, you guys seem to be slightly interested in facts about me... here's a few more.  I must seem like the craziest person.  I'm a gemini.  Does that explain anything at all? 

1. I'm a little scared of major heights, but I've been bungee jumping twice.  Takes me about 3-7 tries before I actually jump.  What a rush!!!  I also really want to try skydiving. 

About 100 feet up, which explains the fuzziness.  Super zoom!

2. I am a certified medical assistant.  Bet you didn't know that!  I used to work in family practice.  Did a lot of blood draws and immunizations, and now I am working for some of the best orthopedic surgeons around.  There, I'm removing sutures and staples, and I'm the person that puts your cast on!  Oh, I get to take it off too.  Yup... better watch out because I'm coming at you with my cast saw!!! 

Me in school several years ago, since I don't have any photos from work.  We are totally playing around.  Shots are no joke!  Lyuda was such a good sport. 

3. I have very small wrists (5 3/4") and I can get out of a pair of handcuffs.  Yes, there is a big funny story behind that. 

4.  One of my favorite things to do is... ROLLER COASTERS.  The bigger, the badder, the better.  I live 2 states away from Six Flags Magic Mountain, but I've been there 8 times or so.  And I recently hit up Six Flags Fiesta in Texas.  I just can't get enough of them.  I need one in my backyard.  For sure.

Six Flags Fiesta, when I visited my friend in Austin,TX.  I LOVE that city!!!

5. I am the worst frisbee thrower in the history of all frisbee throwers.  No, seriously... I'm the worst. 

See, even my form is wretched.  My friend Jesse on the otherhand is the best. 
Boo on him!

P.S. As you know, I will be in Seattle all weekend.  So, no new posts till Monday, BUT I am planning a big surprise so yes do come back. 

SIDE NOTE: Cat from Bride Blu just did a blog post about my rope bracelet!!!  Check out her blog HERE.  She is so sweet and I love her blog!

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  1. It's so fun to hear more about you, Amy! I love roller coasters too, but I'm amazed that you've been bungee jumping. I don't think I could do that! And that's awesome that you're a medical assistant! My husband is a surgeon, so I hear all about the medical field from him and I'm always in awe of anyone in your field. Blood makes me squeamish. Happy Friday!


  2. Hahaha, you crack me up. Love your five fact Fridays! :)


  3. aww i loved this! i have always wanted to go bungee jumping and skydiving too but im also afraid of heights! lol

    have a great weekend! :))

  4. Girl, you are brave, brave, brave! There is no way I would bungee jump, roller coasters scare the crap out of me, and, well, I don't mind getting shots, but I think that giving them would be a million times worse. Oh, and I'm scared of paintballs. But you knew that already. LOVE these lists, Amy, my dear virtual friend!

  5. I love it Amy!!! Had no idea you were a certified medical assistant. Oh, and I suck throwing frisbees too. Well, throwing anything in general. I'd much prefer hitting something than throwing it. That's why I stick with racket sports (tennis, badminton, even ping pong). Haha! I shall do some fun facts later today. ;)


  6. Fun read, Amy!:D

    Have a safe weekend, okay?:D

    Happy Friday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  7. Loving your blog, Amy!

    Thank you so much for stopping by mine and for your lovely comments!

    I love the idea of a fun facts blog and I might just have to do this! Looking forward to your future posts!

    Liesl :)

    P.S. Congrats on all your fun blog awards!

  8. hehe this was so fun to read! I'm a gemini too :) Have a great weekend.

  9. Fun stuff! I actually work for an orthopedic department too for my day job.

    Great list!

  10. Aww, Amy, thanks for the shout out!!!!

    My hubbie is a frisbee lover as well...I am not so bad but he has way better moves than me and can send that board sailing at break neck speeds (at which point I have to remind him I am a girl and can't catch a plastic board going a million miles an hour cause it hurts like a SOB :).

    Bungee jumping?!?!? You are a brave girl. :)

    Have a lovely weekend my dear!

    xo Cat

  11. Those are dainty wrists. I can't wait to hear the handcuff story. You inspired me to measure mine--8 3/4. I love roller coasters too, but I'm not sure about bungee jumping--I would probably dislocate my hip or something crazy like that.

    I'm betting Jesse was a good sport about chasing down your errant throws--he looks pretty happy!

    PS - In the shot photo it appears you two are wearing identical watches. Is it a certified medical assistant thing??? =)

  12. I didn't know you were a certified medical assistant - my sister is in school for that right now and really enjoys it!

    Congratulations on being mentioned on Bride Blu - I saw the feature this morning and was thrilled. Especially because...my rope bracelet arrived yesterday and I absoltuely adore it! Though I'm frightened that my mother is going to steal it in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping because she fell in love with it too!

    Happy, Happy Friday, Amy!! :)

  13. wow! you are adventurous! Nice to learn some more about you!

  14. Have fun in Seattle! You are so interesting & diverse. I think it is a Gemini thing... my husband is a Gemini and so is my BFF! xo

  15. Hehehe, you're silly.
    I already do go to church, but I live in PA not Cali.
    So I can't go back to the Korean church in Cali, silly woman!


  16. i think you just might be the cutest girl...evah!
    enjoy SEATTLE...my fave city...

  17. My brother and I LOVE roller coasters -- it's our bonding thing :) A few years back we did a cross-country trip riding some of our favorites. And I also am a HORRENDOUS Frisbee-thrower!
    xxoo Josie

  18. Haha I bet the handcuff story is intense!


  19. i want to go bungee jumping too. but i am also scared of heights! i am scared of roller coasters too, but i've ridden some a couple of times cuz my friends made me. hahaha, it was fun. :)


  20. have fun in seattle!

    ps. i love rollercoasters too!

  21. It was great to learn a little about you!! Thanks for sharing!! And happy weekend!

    Kristin :)

  22. LOL to the frisbee thing... you're not alone! My boyfriend is ALWAYS trying to get me to play when we go to the beach and I suck at it!

  23. I love finding out about bloggers' "real lives." I'm not bad with a frisbee, but I have been known to injure bystanders when throwing darts.

  24. oh boy I got wheezy just hearing about blood drawing!! I don't know how you do it! Have a great trip! xoxo

  25. yuhuuu, sounds interesting amy,
    i can't be patient to hear your story during your weekend in Seattle :)

    gonna miss you

  26. Thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself! I can't you dig the bungee jumping, I've always kind of wanted to go, but I'm too scared!

    Have fun in Seattle - I heard it is a great town!

  27. Nice! Never thought you'd be a roller coaster girl. Very cute pics.

  28. Thanks for the post. It's always fun learning more about fellow bloggers!

    Check out my giveaway this week!

    (The Pretty Pauper)

  29. I love your facts. They are completely random but that's what make them so good.

    I would like to go sky diving by I still can't get over my fear of heights.

    Haha and your tiny wrists. Sounds like mine but yours are probably smaller :)

  30. I am terrified of heights! gah. and I don't think I've ever been on a real roller coaster (the ones at Disneyland don't count, ha ha).. maybe one day, I'll be balsy and try it... it *looks* fun.

    OOooo how I wish I were in Seattle this weekend. Hope you're having tons of fun Amy!

    xx Love & Aloha

    ***Stop by to enter my Hana Professoinal Flat Iron Giveaway!!

  31. i loved reading your fun facts! thanks for sharing.

  32. amy looks like you had so much fun!
    i wanna try that roller coaster :)

    have a great weekend

  33. i was going to be a nurse... then i had to dissect a cat with kittens in anatomy and decided nursing was not for me! : ) you are like the cutest medical assistant ever!

  34. haha we are quite similar! i love rollercoasters too :) and i've always wanted to go bungee jumping! hoping to do that sometime this summer, hehe

  35. Looks like you have a lot of fun and interesting character in yourself. Nice to know that.
    Also, it's great that your post have been posted on Cat's blog. Keep it up!

  36. The whole medical thing was a huge shock!
    + you can get out of handcuffs? i'm imprssed, and curious!ha.

    Argh i wanna go bungee jumping + sky diving,but i can't find anyone to do it with me :(


  37. Loved learning more about you here...the handcuff thing is hilarious!

  38. good to know more facts about you :)
    and woah certified med assistant ?? that's just beyond cool ! now u suddenly remind me of sandra oh when she played in grey's anatomy :) haha

    enjoy your upcoming week !
    glisters and blisters

  39. So fun reading these facts about you! I'm an awful frisbee thrower as well (my eye - hand coordination is horrible!) and terrified of heights!

  40. I'm very impressed you've been bungee jumping! I could never ever do that :/

    Congratulations on your rope bracelet mention! I notice you've got your posie necklaces back again (!!!!). When I get paid I will hopefully have enough to get one :D

    Hope you're having fun in Seattle!

    x Jasmine

  41. ..You really fascinate me Amy ..you do so much activities ..I love activities as well but I can tell you I will NEVER EVER jump , I am soo scared of that ...ohhh nooo ..

    but I do love frisbee , it's so much fun on te beach ..

    hope you had a lovely weekend : )))

  42. I hope you had a blast in Seattle! I'm dying to visit there. I also have freakishly small wrists. I wonder if I can wriggle outta cuffs? Hmmmmmm

  43. This is totally fun! I have to admit that I am terrified of the idea of bungee jumping and roller coasters are something I avoid as well. Frisbee...does not scare me ;)

    Hope Seattle was fun!



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