My pup has a new home... so long...

Many, many thanks go out to all those who entered my first giveaway.  I was so excited to see so many of you loving my pieces.  THANK YOU!!!  You guys really are the best ever.  I'm such a lucky grrrrl! 

Anyway, I'm proud to annouce by random pickings...

Rachael is a really cool chick and
ALL of you should check out her blog HERE.

I really do wish I could have given each and every one of you one of these.  I do have some other good news though.  You know those rope bracelets you like so much?  Well, here's a little secret...

I'm going to have another GIVEAWAY shortly.  Very shortly.  And I will be giving away one or maybe possibly TWO!  Stay tuned for that.


  1. Lucky Rachael! I'll be looking forward to the rope bracelet giveaways!

  2. congrats to rachael, she is a lucky gal! can't wait for your next giveaway - i LOVE the rope bracelets!!!

  3. yay to the winner!! LOVE GIVAWAYS!!

  4. The double-edged sword of the giveaway: so happy for the winner, but wishing everyone could win! =)

    I'm looking forward to the next one!

  5. I just started following recently, so I didn't know about the contest...bummer! But I'm glad the shock of thinking a real puppy going to another home is over. I'd be really sad if I had to give my pup away.

  6. Yay Congrats Rachael.. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. Nice post!!!

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  8. Congrats to Rachel! And I'm looking forward to the next giveaway!!

  9. great

    racheel is lucky girl

    nic post

  10. Congrats to Rachael! Happy Easter!

  11. Yes, yay for Rachael!!!

    Joanna - Lol... I would never want to give up a real puppy! ;)

  12. Thanks soooooo much Amy! I am sooooo lucky! I've never won anything so this is the best day ever! Thank you thank you thank you! I emailed you back my dear!


    p.s. I am REALLY looking forward to your next giveaway! Although the chances of me winning again are unlikely I am still going to enter! ha ha

  13. Rachael - I'm happy for you. And it makes me feel really good that you're that excited. Yay!

    And about never winning anything... that's totally me. ;)

  14. Rachel is one lucky girl!! I am so mad- I tried to enter and my computer went crazy on me!! But I am soooooooo looking forward to the rope bracelet giveaway- that is my fav item!!!! YAY!!!! You rock!

  15. congrats rachael... super sweet girl :)

    can't wait for your next giveaway!


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