Super Sales Rock!

As I noted in my previous post, my friend's wedding is next weekend.  I'm a high heels kinda girl, but I've been wearing flat shoes for the last 2 months.  Reason being, comfort and also the fact that my mother and grandmother both told me that pregnant women shouldn't wear heels.  I love you mom but I'm not going to a wedding wearing flip flops.  Although, I have seen a many dudes wearing jeans and scrappy t-shirts to fancy weddings.  I just don't get it. 

I digress... Charlotte Russe is having a big sale right now.  No code needed.  I searched the racks and here's a few goodies I found.  And check out the crazy affordable prices!!!

*update | they didn't have these in the store... bummer

*update | super cute but these were way too tall for my now off balance self

mixed strap heels | $20

*update | they're even cuter in person and really comfy - bought them and love them!

I was thinking about getting the ruffled suede peeptoes, because they're insanely cute and only $20.  Plus, how hot would they look with the dress I'm planning on wearing (see previous post HERE).  I also thought this wrap was just darling.  And for only $10, I don't need to choose which color... I'll just get both!

*update | bought both dark grey and light grey - love them!!!

P.S. The hubs and I are heading up to Hood Canal (near Seattle, WA) this weekend so I'll be MIA once again, but only for a few days this time.  Promise.

Happy shoping.  Happy Friday.  Happy weekend.  Happy Labor Day.


  1. You're back!! yay we've missed ya! So yes and yes to the shoes! They are sooo cute! love that color too. have a great weekend in Sea-town. hugs- Taj

  2. I really love peep toes and this kind of jackets!

    Hope you will have a great weekend!!!

    - Laura

  3. Love, love, love and what great deals, Amy!!!

    Liesl :)

  4. Oh my those grey peep-toe booties are fantastic! I'm sure one evening of heels won't hurt :)

    Btw, I'm having a giveaway!

    What are you in a Fall Fashion Frenzy about? Tell me & you could win a $100 gift card to ShopBop!

  5. Yikes, those heels really are high! Happy Labor Day--hope you two have a great trip. =)

    PS - I'm not sure I'd want my wife wearing those boots out of the house.

  6. Wow, I am loving just about alll of those!!!

  7. Fabulous finds! I was looking for some boots as well for my Boston trip. Arizona just doesn't seem like a boot place, but now I have a reason to get some. Yay! I will be making a pit stop at Charlotte Russe tomorrow. Thanks!

  8. Those ruffled booties are so cute, too bad they didn't have them!!

    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Going there now, thanks so much for the link, Amy! XX!

  10. Love those green shoes! I can't wait to see an outfit post from the wedding *hint hint* :D Have fun!

    x Jasmine

  11. I'm glad you're back! :D

    Omg, you make me want to go check out Charlotte Russe now! I can't believe how cheap all those shoes are! They're really cute too =)

  12. Oh wow - I want every single one of those shoes!! Great finds.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend!!


  13. LOVE those gray booties! So cute.
    xo Josie

  14. Absolutely, the flats are cute! I forgot babies change your center of gravity, but it's temporary. =)

  15. gorgeous shoes!!


  16. Hi! I'm back and feeling so much better! Thanks for your getting better wishes! I'm glad you're over the morning sickness! I sure remember how that was!! Wishing you a beautiful time ahead and a great new week! (your post really makes me wanna go shopping btw. Great finds!) xoxo

  17. wow charlotte russe is having a shoe sale?? i'm definitely going to check it out who can say no to a sale.

  18. You are probably the cutest pregnant woman ever! I love the ruffled suede peeptoes. Those would be adorable! Hope you are well! Glad you are back :)



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