Running out of titles...

I like seeing which celebrities are pregnant and due around the same time as me.  Keeps me informed on what kind of clothes or baby things I might want to keep an eye out for.  Ali Larter has the same due date as me!  She's in the new Resident Evil movie.  I love those movies. 

That's just super cool.

Here's a peek at our baby shower invitations.  Everybody seems to be going the technology route and sending shower invites to me via Evite.  Which is totally fine, but I think it's so much sweeter when you get something in the mail.  Plus, believe it or not, I still know people who don't use or check their email. 

Freaking cute baby shoes not included.  Those are for mommy and daddy's enjoyment.

Have you noticed that I love dresses?  Well, if you haven't... I do.  They're easy peasey, plus you can wear them year 'round.  Just add some tights and boots and you're set!  Here's a few I like. 

delia'ss | skylar knit sweater dress in teal
Great for everyday wear.  Super cute with a big hoop earrings, simple cardi and brown boots!

Pretty dress for dinner or a party.  Try it with gray or nude colored booties and a big cocktail ring.

I love colorful dresses.  You stand out.  Try it with simple nude or black pumps.  No jewelry.

Such a perfect dress for a bridal shower or baby shower.

I couldn't fit into this dress now, but it's hot!  Someone should get it.  Animal prints are big for fall.


  1. I have never heard of lulu's before but just checked out their dresses and I am looooving them!!!

    Now alls I need is an event to wear one to!!!

  2. I agree... snail mail invitations are so much more personal, and it's always just fun to get mail! Plus then you have that actual physical reminder to stand out for the date!

    The dresses are all so cute as well! I'm a dress girl myself :-)

  3. i agree with what you said about getting something in the mail! i love love love getting stuff in the mail! and those baby shoes are soooooooo cuuuuute!!! :D

    p.s. i love dresses too!

    <3, Mimi

  4. That delia's dress is adorable and I love LuLu's...great finds, Amy!

    Liesl :)

  5. ..awww ..that scan reminded me of my daughter ..
    ..my pregnancy was showing in the cold months so my Ultimate clothing was leggings and riding boots ..for going out I was wearing heels with flare trousers etc ..but my friend is pregnant at the moment as well and she love harem pants ..
    ..hope you are feeling good : )
    also I tagged you with few questions ..check it out and pass to few people if you wish : )

  6. Those are such cute dresses! And I agree with you, evite is so impersonal! I like sending out real invitations too.

    As for friends, I do keep in touch with them. But you are right, we all get so busy. Also, I find it hard to keep in touch with those who are not in the same stage(s) as me. Like the maid of honor at my wedding, we were so tight! But then I became a wife and mommy while she became single and upper management. So it's getting hard for us to find things in common.

    Anywho...I hope you are keeping fit with your pregnancy and feeling well.

  7. AND might I say you have pretty impeccable taste in dresses. Love the lulu fruit cocktail one shoulder dress!


  8. Getting things in the mail is much more cute than recieving emails.

    I pick the print one :D
    I have something with the print lately

    - Laura

  9. That is cool about the due dates--and the shoes are too cute. The little pulls in the back will come in handy.

    I prefer an actual invitation. With all the junk mail that shows up, it's nice to get something you want in the mail for a change. =)

  10. Love your dress picks!!
    Evites might be the new thing now but traditional mails will always be classier ;)


  11. I've had my eye on that "Fruit Cocktail One Shoulder Dress" too!! So cute.

  12. I love dresses too, easy and girly!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. have fun at your baby shower :D and i like how simple and clean your invite looks. i actually store bought mine as well didn't make anything special or anything. and the dresses you put up are too cute for fall!

  14. Your invites are so cute. And those shoes are adorable...I have a thing for baby shoes. And you can buy all you want! Lucky you!

  15. I love your selection of dresses. Honestly, I would wear each one too! Style sisterrrr!

    -Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com

  16. I didn't know Ali Larter was pregnant, how cool that she's due the same day as you!

    Those dresses are fabulous. I especially love the first green one!

    x Jasmine

  17. Ok first of all- I LOVE the dresses you posted. Especially that peacock blue one and the bright colored cocktail one with just the one strap. Also, I'm with you on the whole invitation thing. Email is fine, but it's so much nicer, and more fun to receive something in the mail!

  18. I literally fall in love with EVERYTHING at Lulu's - they seriously have some of the most stunning dresses!

    I had no idea you were due on Christmas Day; how exciting that you and Ali share the same due date - love her...she is gorg!! :)

  19. I never knew about LuLu's, but now I am a fan. :)

  20. That's fun that Ali larter has the same due date! I love her too. Your shower invitations are adorable! I've never heard of sending out e-vites for showers! I definitely prefer an invitaion in the mail.


  21. Oh, love those sweet little baby shoes! And that On the Griddle dress is so gorgeous!
    xo Josie

  22. i love the lulu fruit cocktail dress! looks so bright and happy. i would be happy wearing that dress lol.


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