Busy Monday

I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday because we had a really full day.  My parents bought us our baby stroller.  It's so amazing.  I saw it a few months ago and have been wanting it since.  It's the Teutonia T-Linx Stroller System.  It's coming from Europe, so it won't be here for another 2-3 weeks.  I'll be sure to take some photos. 

Ordered in black for our baby boy from Posh Baby Boutique in Portland.

hanging on to the last bit of summer | 25weeks2days
cardigan | nordstrom
dress | old navy
sandals | charlotte russe

Our new Haan steam mop arrived.  Works so well!  We had been using Swiffer to mop up our hardwood floor but it leaves behind a lot of chemicals and I couldn't imagine letting our baby crawl around on that.  No chemical residue and it's super easy to use.

Then we shopped around for baby shower invitations.  I really wanted to make them all by myself, but sometimes DIY costs more in materials and time than just buying something.  Anyway, we found some really cute letterpress paper that I'm going to print our invites on.  I'll share some photos when I'm done. 

We ended the day with some friends.  My hubby's good friend has been visiting for the last several weeks from Slovakia and he's leaving in a few days.  Seems like the older we get the more friends move away.  That's just a part of life I guess.  Good times though.

BJ's Brewery | Ricky's dinner

Cheers to a safe trip back home Ricky!!!  That is not my arm by the way.


  1. You look so cute!

  2. oh gosh you know thats a really cute stroller. looks very practical too. when i was in europe i noticed that not everyone walked around with the same stroller. everyone had an awesome stroller, and i wish we had that option to order one, and i'm sure we would enjoy it more rather than planning to purchase a new stroller. you also look gorgeous! you have that mommy glow :D

  3. Oh I'm so jealous! Your stroller is really nice!

    I know what you mean about friends moving. Everyone moves away as they move on with their lives.

    I had a gang of really good friends from college and we all lived in the same city. But now we are scattered all over the country :O(

  4. That is the coolest stroller! I don't see how the car seat portion will buckle into the car facing backwards, but it must. When Baby Stewart gets older he'll be proud of the stylish baby buggy in his pictures.

    Your hubby reminds me of David Boreanaz a little. =)

  5. You are glowing and look gorgeous in that blue!!
    Did you watch GG? xo

  6. Olive Garden is my wife's favorite chain restaurant, but we don't go very often because there's always a line at the one near our home. On Sunday we ate at a different location to accomodate family.

    Karen has, on occassion, asked for more salad just so she can later get a box to take it home along with her lasagna or chicken parmesan (she alternates). Instead of saying I wouldn't go back, I should have said I won't order the crab ravioli again--Karen will want to go back. =)

  7. You are so cute :) That stroller looks niiiice!


  8. how adorable are you! Ohh and I need to check out the steam mop I need one of those! hugs

  9. Love the stroller and sadly I love the mop!!
    I have a weird obsession with household appliances!!!
    A little bit of a clean freak I suppose!!

    Adorable picture, blue looks so pretty on you!!

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  11. You look so adorable. Love the stroller. It looks so cute and trendy. I'm your newest follower!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  12. Oh, you look GREAT, dear! Such a doll in your little blue dress and gorgeous yellow cardi!
    xo Josie

  13. you def hhave that gorgeous [pregnant] glow;D

  14. What a sweet outfit!! Loving the blue with the yellow ;)

  15. That stroller looks great! So cute!

    Blue and yellow looks fantastic on your! You are positively glowing, Miss Amy!

    x Jasmine

  16. You look so pretty! I love the soft pastels.
    The stroller looks fab, you are going to feel so great pushing it around!

    Chic on the Cheap

  17. Hi! I'm a new reader. You're such a cute prego!! I'm korean too and a mommy to a 1 year old. Hope you get a chance to check out my blog. We may have some things in common. Also, I clicked on your etsy link..you have some adorable stuff!! I'm impressed!


  18. You are truly blooming. Your outfit is really very sweet! And that baby stroller looks pretty amazing!

  19. I'm glad you had a great time :)

    Everything is always a little with the clean things when it comes to a baby.

    - Laura

  20. Ah, Amy you look absolutely beautiful; and I love your choice of stroller! Your little boy is so going to adore it; and now I think I may need to show it to my sister - she's expecting a boy in early December!! :)



  22. You are looking so cute mama!! Love it!!



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