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I absolutely love all my designer clothes and shoes, but I also love finding things at a great price.  On a whim, I decided to step into a Payless on Friday.  I was shocked, they had cute shoes!  Plus, everything in there is BUY 1, GET 1 - 1/2 OFF!!!!  I didn't take advantage of that great offer, but had I done so, my 2nd pair would have only been $10!  They are by far the most comfortable flats I have ever placed on my feet.  And me being pregnant, that says a lot. 

*these are the best flats ever - butter soft and i've been wearing them non-stop

*i'm considering going back and getting this pair

And what's cuter with flats than leggings?!  I ordered these maternity ones the other day.  And found these comparable ones for all you girls out there that aren't pregnant at the moment.  So hot right?!

japanese weekend | maternity denim leggings
*they look like jeans and they're stretchy like leggings - doesn't get much better than that - plus they're under $50!

*non-maternity denim leggings for a freaking steal - on sale for $22.90!!!

Saturday we headed up to Hoodsport, WA.  My hubby loves scuba diving.  I like to go sometimes to enjoy the scenery.  The weather turned out better than we thought and my hubby and his friend say there were tons of ocean critters to see.  There are few better things in life than fresh, crisp ocean air.  Feels so good getting out of the city sometimes.  

hood canal | fresh ocean water

here's me enjoying the view of the water - i saw a seal!

hubby getting ready to head in - that water must be freezing

my hubby's good friend is always his scuba buddy

takes this much equipment to do what they just did

Sunday we scoped out some park locations for our upcoming baby shower.  I'm at 24weeks3days today.  Knowing that we will be meeting our baby in 16 weeks is so amazing.  We just picked up the crib mattress yesterday for the nursery.  The crib will be arriving next month.  So exciting!!!  I'm looking forward to getting his room decorated and showing you guys.  My parents surprised us with a huge bag full of baby clothes.  Have you ever seen cuter socks?!

tiny baby socks - awwwwwww i'm in love


  1. Very cute socks. I know you're so excited!

  2. I'm glad you found such comfortable shoes, I remember my wife having a lot of trouble with shoes when she was expecting. Please don't tell my wife, but helping her pick out baby clothes for nephews/neices/friends is something I enjoy. The clothes are so cute--like your "I love mommy" sock, it's so precious. And don't tell her I used the word "precious", it would ruin my reputation.

    Walking into the wrong classroom feels so embarrassing. But it feels worse than it looks. Right? When you see someone else do it you just feel sympathetic.

    And you're right about flirting, no good can come from it. A former married co-worker of mine flirted regularly to get men to help her at work. She thought it was harmless, until the day one of her victims invited her to a secluded restaurant for lunch. He decided to slide in on the same side of the booth with her and tried to get frisky. He stopped when she protested, but laughed when she said she was married--since that never seemed to matter to her before. The sad part was that her mini-mauling didn't change her behavior, except she stopped accepting lunch invitations.

  3. Aww cute little socks! One of the many things you will be receiving! I love Payless! The flats look adorable.

  4. Well, I've done enough shopping this past weekend, so such a bad idea for me to see what you found. Super cute!

    Looks like you guys has fun over the weekend. For me, a food and wine event, shopping for baby clothes for friends (Target is havign a great sale), purchasing the best boots ever and relaxing with my husband and dogs. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, those tiny socks are adorable!!! How are you feeling? Hope you're doing well! Sounds like you are! I love the flats you found and what a great deal! I should check out Payless soon.


  6. PS - A comedian once said he would never join any club that would have someone like him as a member. That's the attitude I take with flirting--I couldn't be friends with anyone who would flirt with someone like me. LOL

  7. I stopped by Charlotte Russe online and found some great deals on clothes. I'm most excited about getting my denim shirt dress. They will go awesome with my boots if it fits well. :)

  8. Oh, I miss buying baby clothes... especially the little shoes, (that they always kick off anyways)! Hope you are feeling well!

    p.s I am having an Ann Taylor Loft giveaway if it interests you. xo

  9. those payless flats are adorable!!

  10. aaahw the socks are so cute!! Sound like you had a great weekend!

  11. Ohhh, look at those little socks! Too sweet. It looks like you had a super fun weekend!
    xo Josie

  12. I'm amazed to hear about comfortable payless shoes -- I never have luck there in that department! The leopard ones are seriously adorable -- if they will honor your half off, you need to get them!

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. I am so happy for you! The little leopard flats are darling, who would have thought?! So glad all is going well, sweet Amy! XX!

  14. The sock is just so cute! Can't wait to see the little tiny feet that wear that tiny little cute socks. :D

  15. i love the flats you picked up...super cute &&& i definitely loving those cute socks...hope your pregnancy is going well =)

  16. flats are a definite must for a pregnant woman. i definitely loved my flats being pregnant! they're like the best invention ever, haha. the clothes you picked out are cute for maternity wear! i actually was able to still squeeze in my reg. clothes during pregnancy so at least the only thing i had to purchase was maternity bottoms. you have that mommy glow and you look gorgeous!

  17. payless has gotten better over the years! i've found a lot of cute sandals and shoes there. those baby socks are the cutest things ever!

    <3, Mimi

  18. These little socks would be so cute with any type of baby clothes, especially for those single mothers to give to their babies!

  19. Finding comfortable flats is a must. And I bet you are completely rockin' your maternity clothes.

    Those baby socks are frickin adorable!! I love cute little baby socks. Awww!!

  20. Those Payless shoes are SO CUTE! I was shocked too when I saw an add for their shoes in a magazine, and every single pair was super adorable. What's gotten into them? I hope they keep it up- it could mean good things for my shoe budget:)

  21. I've been wearing jeggings and flats all week so far hehe love it. I like the leopard ones you picked out. and scuba diving has always been on my to do list before I turn 30 :D love your blog, totally a new follower!

  22. You saw a seal! Oh how neat! You are so adventurous. Even while preggo!


  23. I'm glad you found great clothes for you right now! :)
    Being pregnant to get dressed has to be very stressful

    I'd love to go scuba someday.. It has to be amazing to see the ocean from the inside

    - Laura

  24. How come you didn't go scuba diving? :P I kid, I kid! How are you feeling?

    Those baby socks are adorable!

    x Jasmine


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