Handbags, purses, clutches, LOVE them all!

My new diaper bag!  It is so cute and roomy, I'm very tempted to start using it as my everyday bag right now!  There are so many pockets inside and out, so it's really functional.  I didn't want something with daisies or teddy bears on it.  I wanted something stylish and easy to carry.  I was going to get a unisex bag, but my loving hubby said he wanted me to be happy and would be glad to carry the diaper bag around even if it was covered in pink flowers.  Sweet right?!

posh baby boutique | skip hop diaper bag

It comes with a matching changing pad as well.  I love this bag!

I also picked up a BellaBand.  It's suppose to help keep my pants up, which would be awesome. 

posh baby boutique | bellaband

Thank you very much Ingrid and Isabel for the magnet I'm going to look at everyday!

I bought a pair of Paige Premium Maternity jeans with the elastic waistband.  They're so cute and Paige is definitely my favorite denim designer, but since I wear them under my belly, they tend to slide down during the day.  Hopefully, the band will help.  I'll take photos of it all next time I wear it. 

paige premium maternity | westbourne mckinley
Someone told me to get a size up... wrong-o.  Buy whatever size you bought pre-pregnancy!

Speaking of purses... aren't these cute?!

anthropologie | traced aureolin bag
Yellow, yellow, yellow!

anthropologie | painterly clutch
This would look so cute inside the hangbag above.

I like the mix of canvas and shimmer.  Mixing textures is awesome.

I must have this.  Perfect colors, perfect size, perfect price!


  1. I like your new diaper bag and it doesn't even look like one!:D

    Loving the yellow bag too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Loving the new baby bag and those darling Paige jeans!
    xo Josie

  3. i have the coolpix s210. its absolute crap though, i bought it because ashton kutcher had it in those commercials, man im a sucker haha.

    i love that diaper bag! i have no need for diapers but it would be an awesome conversation piece haha

  4. My sister is looking for the perfect diaper bag - I will have to share this with her. I love that last clutch too - so fun!

  5. Love the diaper bad and the anthro clutch!!!

    I hope the band works out for you!!!


  6. i love your picks.
    this is so exciting :)

  7. OMGosh that's a cool bag! Wow!

    And pink (or whatever color that is ;P) magnets never lie.

  8. OMGosh that's a cool bag! Wow!

    And pink (or whatever color that is ;P) magnets never lie.

  9. that diaper bag is amazing! i am so excited for you! :D

    <3, Mimi

  10. All this baby talk is making me all clucky :) I love your new baby/diaper bag. It's stylish and I wouldn't mind toting it around.

    Your new pregnancy goods are great!! You're definitely one stylish mama to be. And cute cute bags!

  11. Loving the Anthro bag, (you knew I would)! xo

  12. Love that last sequin clutch!

    And I can't believe you survived this long w/o a bella band! I lived in it during my pregnancy!


  13. the first and the last purse are really nice! and elastic band for pants, that's pretty smart for maternity I think!

  14. I'm a little addict with bags.. Yours is pretty cute :)

    - Laura

  15. You can't ever go wrong with Anthropologie. :)

  16. i really like your blog, something to look forward to ; )

    love that diaper bag, i didn't realize it was one when i first saw the pic--too chic!

  17. i love the bag. like you i didn't want a florally diaper bag. i opted with something more unisex, but the bag you got is way nicer. !!

  18. Love the baby bag! My sister got one that was hot pink, which is so her. The pattern and style is something she probably would've bought even if she wasn't pregnant. Luckily, like you, her partner doesn't mind the pink!

    x Jasmine

  19. Cute cute cute! I can't wait til I am at that stage in life where babies come into play. I love that you are so chic while prego.


    p.s. I am having a Lil Petite Jewelry giveaway on my blog. Come join in when you get the chance!

  20. That sequined bag from F21 is so pretty!

  21. I think you made a great choice with the diaper bag -- you are going to be such a chic mommy!

    Totally love the yellow anthro bag -- the huge bow is adorable.

    Chic on the Cheap

  22. I think I totally need that F21 clutch. I'm a sequins addict!


Thanks so much for your lovely comment!