Summer Shoes Are HOT Too!

Flat sandals can be just as lovely and wonderful as those sky high heels.  And why shouldn't you get to have pretty feet in the summer?  Can you tell I have summer on the brain?  I can't wait to sport these beauties!!




Ecote Macrame Twist Sandal | Urban Outfitters
Dalejr | Nine West
Diva | Baker Shoes
Nadia | Calvin Klein
Tulloch | Aldo


  1. Wow! The second pair is super fly.. I want!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. I loooove flat sandals. I don't think that my feet love the fact that I love flat sandals. Since I don't really wear heels then its ok to do the flat sandals (damage and all) right?

  3. The 4th pair is very original and classy, I really like it! ♥

  4. Sharon - Yeah they not even available yet till July I think. I want them badly!

    Wonderland - As long as you get arch support sometimes, you should be ok. I say, if you like it, wear it!

    Chloe - Welcome!!!

  5. They are all so pretty. I have quite a collection of pretty flat sandals which I wear during summer. All I need is a good pedicure then I'm all set. xoxo

  6. I love this find of flats!! with "jewels"! you can use it even in the night for party!!


  7. Leah - That's the one thing I ALWAYS do... pedicures. Even in the dead of winter my toe nails must be perfect before I leave the house. Haha.

    I'm just stoked for the Nine West ones to come out. So lovely!

  8. aww i want all of these!! lol :) :)


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