A Bag and a Tag...

Jen from Craftiness NOW tagged me.  (btw... super sweet girl and cool blog!)  So here's the innards of my bag.

1. Handbag | Coach 
Got this on my trip to Austin, TX.  LOVE that city!!!!
2. Kleenex
These are plain white ones I put in a cute case. 
3. Butterfly notepad | Pier 1 Imports
I'm always writing notes to myself, otherwise I can't remember a thing!
4. Blotting sheets | Clean & Clear
These are absolutely by far the best blotting sheets.  Doesn't remove your makeup and it's really good at getting all that oil!
5. Tic Tacs
Stays on for a long time, doesn't run down your face and it has the teeniest flecks of gold shimmer to add a little something.  This is ALWAYS in my bag.
7. Sliding mirror | MAC
8. Pocket knife
9. Zyrtec
I use every tub of this to the last drop.  No matter what, I always have this one my lips.  I get dry lips and this makes them so soft.  I even wear it to bed!  Plus, it has a really pretty soft pink tint.
11. Wristlet | Coach
This was gifted to me as a bridemaid's gift when I was in my friend Nikki's wedding.  So sweet!  I love it.  Small enough to carry alone, but big enough to hold my essentials.
12. Hand lotion | Eucerin
I'm a medical assistant by day, so I wash my hands constantly.  This hand lotion is the best ever.  Period. 
13. Pen | Pilot G2-07
I have a pen in every purse.  And these are the best gel pens. 
14. Cell | Blackberry Pearl in red
Also, another gift from Nikki.  (told you she was sweet)  I don't know how I ever functioned without Blackberry!  I'm planning on upgrading to the Bold pretty soon.  Can't wait!

Now, I tag Jozen (Lola's Girl), Sharon (elisharon), Myra (Twigs & Honey), and Rachel (The Shop Bug).  Come on ladies... show us what's in your bag.  :)


  1. thanks for the tag!!

    love your bag...and i am a fellow berry girl myself!

  2. great bag :)
    i also carry oil blotting sheets and mints with me everywhere!

  3. What would we do without out blackberrys????? I can't even imagine.

    Aren't those blotting sheets the best?! I can leave the house without them. Haha.

  4. oh goodness... my bag is so much more boring. I'll blog tomorrow. :) maybe I need to throw some stuff in it so I don't look so dull. haha ;)

  5. Hi Amy,

    thanks for the tag! will wait for my digicam before posting this, probably next week:)

  6. Myra - Haha... yeah make it interesting, but hide all the "bad" stuff. ;)

    Phuong - Thank you. I wear it all the time. So roomy!

    Rachel - Can't wait to see what's in your bag!!!

  7. I love that you keep a pocket knife in your purse. So unexpected!! :) I will have to consider it now. :) Thanks for tagging me Amy.. I can't wait to do this!

    xx Love & Aloha

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  9. yay, thanks for sharing! i love the large and small coach bags and the blotting sheets too, used to use them so i should definitely go find them again. i like the pocket knife, very handy. and now i want to try korres lip butter and that eyeliner :-)

  10. Yeah you guys should get a pocket knife. The little ones aren't expensive at all. And seriously, how many times have you been out and saw a random thread hanging from somewhere.

    Jen - Once you try the korres lip butter you will never want anything else. Lips.Soft.Luscious.

  11. I did my bag post!! :)


    xx Love & Aloha


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