And introducing...

New additions to my shop.  A new twist on my knot rope bracelet.  This is also made from macrame cord with sterling silver toggle closure and end caps.  This does not have the love charm, but one can be added if you like.  My hubby just LOVES this one.  I'm picturing it with a cute dress and strappy sandals or a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and espadrilles.  Very cute.  I will be adding new colors shortly.  The next one up will be black.  I just adore black and silver together.  Stay tuned.

You can purchase it HERE.

Twisty | junghwa by amy stewart

I also posted this dainty heart pendant necklace.  It comes on either a 16" or 18" ball chain.  Both are sterling silver.  No cheap imitations here!  This would be such a sweet gift for a mother, sister, friend...

You can purchase it HERE.

My Heart | junghwa by amy stewart


  1. hi amy! thanks so much for following my blog, i'm so happy to find yours too. i've never made jewelry before, these are lovely pieces and i like how you do different variations with the same materials. :-)

  2. Jen! It's so fun making things isn't it? Such a great way of occupying your time. And you get something fabulous at the end. Have a great day!

  3. SO pretty!!!!

    im from vancouver too!! but vancouver, BC CANADA

    glad to have found your blog!!

    your newest follower :)

  4. Hi Jozen! Thanks for following my blog as well. Yeah I just love this little heart.

    Go Vancouver!!!

  5. I like stuff like this!
    Do you make custom bracelets!?

    I would love to blog about your creations!!

    <3 G

  6. Hi Genia! Yes, I can make custom bracelets. The turnaround time is a few days longer, but well worth the wait. ;)

    I'm going to be doing a giveaway, so that would be a great time for a blog!!! Thank you! -Amy


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