My First GIVEAWAY!!!

I'm so excited to finally have a giveaway.  This little puppy is a piece from my etsy shop and he needs a good home.  He's really sweet and always loyal.  The silver pup dangles from a sterling silver ball chain.  So cute all by his lonesome or layered with your other necklaces. 

Follow the rules below.  The winner will be chosen by random on April 1st at 5PM PST.  The winner will need to send me their address or where ever you would like the pup to be sent to.  Your address will be kept confidential!

DEADLINE: April 1st!!

The rules for entering are really simple...

1. PLEASE be a follower of my blog.  (Go to the right panel and click follow.  Tada!)

2. Take a peek at my shop, junghwa by amy stewart by clicking HERE

3. Lastly, leave a comment telling me which piece from my shop is your favorite.

Bonus entries...

1. Post this giveaway on your blog.  You will have to leave me a link to your post in a separate comment, otherwise it won't count.

2. OR post this giveaway on twitter.  Leave a comment with your link to the twitter post in a separate comment, otherwise it won't count.

And that's it.  Really easy.  Good luck everyone!!


  1. i love the spring blooom scarf!

    perfect for the upcoming sunny day!!

    ps. you are so pretty!!

  2. Oh i had a look and the 'golden love' skirt is adorable!
    I'm following you too xoxo

  3. HI!!
    love everything from your shop!! =) my favorite piece is the one with the "love" charm... is beautiful, simple, and you can use it everyday!! perfect!!!

    lots of kisses!!!

  4. The love knot bracelet is my favorite.

    I'm following you Amy! xoxo

  5. what a lovely necklace :)

    i really like the ribbon/floral scarf!

  6. Oh, what an absolutely adorable giveaway - you're so talented.

    I'm a follower; and my favorite piece from your Etsy shop is the My Pup - Sterling Silver 16 or 18 inch Necklace Dog Charm and Swarovski Crystal. I'm in love with that piece!! :)

  7. That is so adorable! He might be my favourite from your shop. That or the Golden Love skirt!

  8. Amy, congrats on your first giveaway. :) You know I adore all your pieces in your shop.. but my favorite is the "I Love Knots" bracelet! It's perfection!!

    xx Love & Aloha

    ...and of course I'm following you!

  9. I love the I Love Knots bracelet. It's so unique and cute!

  10. I love to enter your giveaway. The necklace is so cute!!

    And your shop looks so great. I adore the twisty twisted robe bracelet! Love it totally!

  11. i really like the Love Charm necklace and the other puppy with swarovsky necklace, he's so cute!

    im hosting a giveaway as well, i hope you can visit too:)

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  12. oops, i forgot to leave the url to the post:)



  13. awww the Little Silver Sparrow Bird Charm Necklace is beyond adorable :) and i'm now a follower!

  14. Eepps! What a sweet giveaway! I adore the Twisty - Twisted Natural Rope Bracelet with Sterling Silver Toggle!

    Am a follower too!

    ps: i would still have been a follower too, even without this giveaway. Keep up the amazing sweet works Amy! You will do so well. ;)

  15. Awe he reminds me of my dog, so cute. I also really love your "I love knots" bracelet in your shop. I'm a follower as well.

  16. I love the Spring Bloom scarf, so chic and colorful!

    That charm necklace is just beyond darling!

  17. The floral mother of pearl necklace ... *gush! So freaking cute ... along with everything else you sell!!!

  18. The Spring Bloom scarf is my favorite!

  19. love the embellished pencil skirt! thanks for the giveaway...

  20. I love the little bird necklaces AND the Love Knot bracelet:) What fun pieces!

  21. enter me:ladybugy06@yahoo.com

    love the "keys pieces necklace" its cute!

  22. Um, my fave things are the things that I just custom ordered from you. Oh ya, and the scarf/purse tie. :) I love your whole entire shop. But you already know that!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

  23. yay I'm following your blog. Love the twisted natural rope bracelets. such a sweet nautical feel to them.

    ps the giveaway necklace reminds me of my puppy. :)


  24. OOO!! I really like the "i love knots" bracelet!
    Did the give away quicker than I thought!

    <3 G

  25. I already follow your blog!!! And I love the silver keys necklace! I'm actually trying to convince my boyfriend to let me buy it (i've met my shopping limit for March!!)

  26. Oh my I absolutely love the floral mother of pearl necklace! Its so delicate and perfect.


  27. I found your blog through Myra. I've been following her blog for months. I love the knotted rope bracelet.

  28. this is soooo cute!! u are so talented, i love it!

    i love all of your twisty bracelets and the Keys Necklace!

    i am a new follower :)

  29. i tweeted about your giveaway! :))


  30. definitely loving that twist bracelet! sooo cute!

  31. Love the twisted bracelet! Thanks for checking out my giveaway and telling me of yours! Love your etsy shop!


  32. Oh yeah, I blogged about it too but you already knew that ;]


  33. Hi, I love the keys necklace the most. I founs you via Sarah at flourish+design. :)

  34. I love the rope bracelets and the key necklace. I can't pick just one!

  35. I adore the little thank you cards - the font is great. I also really like the key necklace. But I have to say it's the love knot bracelet that first caught my eye. In the summertime with a sleeveless shirt? Totally great. Following in Bloglovin. Marija

  36. this giveaway is beyond lovely !
    my fave item from ur shop is the Peonies at Night embellished knit scarf :D


    glisters and blisters

  37. i've also put the link to this giveaway on my left sidebar :D

  38. here's the twitter link :

    my twitter is @glister_blister

  39. My fav item is Ty Ty, the little black sparrow pendant. He's so adorable!! I'm now a follower so please enter me :)

  40. Beautiful stuff, Amy! I love the cutie dog necklace. My faves from your shop are:

    - Yellow skirt with embellishment (great idea!)
    - Knot bracelet
    - Embellished knit scarf

    All the stuff is really great and I agree, creativity SHOULD be shared. Keep up the great work :)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  41. I love Maddy the little sparrow. Hard choice with all the nice sweet items you have.


  42. hi amy! i just found your blog AND your shop and i LOVE them both!! you are one talented lady with a great eye! i love this little pup necklace, so adorable! oh btw, i became a follower (sandra chang) and i've added you to my google reader!

  43. i love the I Love Knots - Natural Rope Knot Bracelet with Silver and the Posies - Pearl and Crystal Cluster Necklace! I couldn't just pick one!


  44. I tweeted about this giveaway!

    Thanks again and I'm SOO glad i found you!

  45. Hi! Thanks for dropping by and becoming a follower...
    You're necklaces are beautiful!


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