A quick movie review

So, my hubby and I are big movie buffs and I can definitely appreciate a good movie.  We rented 2012 from Netflix last night, because Sean had high hopes for it.  I presumed it would be a flop, because of the cast.  Nonetheless, I gave it a chance.  Not only was the cast the most mis-matched, awkward cast I've seen in a while, but the special effects were pretty sad.  The story idea was pretty interesting.  I mean, who ISN'T talking about 2012.  That is pretty much the only thing going for that movie.  John Cusak in High Fidelity was hilarious.  I've seen that a hundred times.  Danny Glover cracked me up in 48 hours.  But there's nothing worse than watching people act that shouldn't be acting together.  They didn't play off each other well, and that could very well be from the poorly written dialogue.  One word, CORNY!  We were yelling at the TV, "come on", "yeah right", and "what an idiot", over and over again.  It was not really worth the time to watch it.  Disappointing.  2 stars. 

On a lighter note, the maltese puppies I want.  I feel like weeping, they are so cute.

Models | Maltese puppies


  1. Oh I hope you get a pup!! They bring so much happiness into your life!! :) we call our Maltipoo our "dog"ther (daughter).. hee hee.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. I've always wanted one. They're so precious! I used to have a pom, but she now belongs to my parents. A good home. Dogs are definitely like kids!


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