Yay for today!

Before I begin I must pay tribute to my younger, very talented sister Myra of Twigs and Honey by saying...

Loving you forever and always, Big Sis.

Now onto the big yay for today.  I just got a shipment of 30 Huggable Hangers from The Container Store.  You can find them HERE.  If you haven't already heard of them, here's the scoop.  So, do you hate how you hang your pretty sweaters on your plastic hangers and after a while the shoulders have bumps on them?  And don't you hate how your delicate camisoles and summer tanks just slide right off?  Well I can't stand it!  These hangers are coated in velvet with rounded ends, so NO MORE BUMPS or slippage!  Plus, they're ultra thin so you get way more closet space, which I'm sure we all need.  Am I right?  Here's my before...

And here's my after...

This is 29 hangers in a row (the 30th one is on the other side).  Look how little space they take up!

So I only ordered 30 this time and I obviously need more, but what a great start!!  Looks like I need to buy more clothes now.  *Wink.


  1. Thank you!
    Wow... those hangers really shrink down... room for more clothes!

  2. Yeah that's what I was saying. More room for more clothes! Time for some shopping. ;)


Thanks so much for your lovely comment!