Productive yet lazy weekend

I was very productive on Saturday and I finished my 2nd item.  I will be posting it on my Etsy Shop very shortly.  I really love it.  It turned out very sweet, elegant, and simple.  It's so exciting to think someday it'll be a happy addition to someone's lovely wardrobe. 

Today though I was a bit lazy and didn't do anything creative.  My husband and I played Yahtzee.  For some reason, we're completely addicted to it right now and can't stop playing.  Does anyone else have this problem? 

I wanted to let all of you know that I will be opening up to taking custom orders.  Which means that if you have something you love, let's say that tank top that fits so perfectly, but maybe you never wear it.  Maybe it's just missing that something special.  Send it my way and I will add some life to it.  Just convo me at my shop

And since I know everybody can appreciate the pretty things in life, here's an insanely pretty quilt.  It is definitely on my wish list.  It's called the Rosette Quilt by Anthropologie and you can find it HERE.  Isn't it lovely?

Photo credit: Anthropologie

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