Who knew needles felt so good...

I've recently started acupunture.  I've been to two sessions and I'm so excited to share my experience with you.  My reason for going was for a few health issues and also overall wellbeing.  My acupunturist interviewed me for about 45 minutes and asked me more questions than any doctor I've ever met.  After gathering all the information she could, she addressed my issues and started a plan.  She asked me if my core temperature seemed to be more cold or hot.  I said cold.  I also said that my hands and feet seem to always be cold as well.  She said that I have "stagnant energy and blood".  She placed the needles into my feet, legs, hands, abdomen, and forehead.  The purpose of them was to help circulate my blood flow and try to balance my temperature and energy.  The forehead ones were for stress.  They didn't hurt, but I could feel the poke.  It really wasn't that bad.  It's a strange sensation knowing you have all these needles all over your body.  But it always feels good knowing I'm doing something good for myself.  She also gave me herbal granules that I'm suppose to mix with hot water and drink twice a day.  She requests particular herbs for particular issues.  Mine are "warming herbs".  The acunpunture is accumulative, so I won't feel the full results for some time.  But so far, I feel more relaxed and I sleep so much better.  My hands and feet still get cold but I can actually walk around the house without socks on and for January here that's pretty good.

If you've ever contemplated going, try it out.  Some insurance plans cover "complentary care", which makes the visits very affordable.  As for me, our insurance plan does not cover it, but my acupunturist gives me a great deal and charges a small fee.  Please contact me if you'd like a referral.  She's located in downtown Portland. 

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