Unexpected at home

I love adding pieces around our home that are unique and unexpected.  I think it keeps modern decor from looking too stark.  When I saw this wooden alphabet in bookhouathome's etsy shop, I just had to have it.  We bought it in September, but busy parents can relate... we just now put it up! 

wood alphabet | bookhouathome

A few more items I purchased from bookhouathome.  Arounna screenprints her own designs onto totes and pouches.  I bought a big stack of these pouches to give out as stocking stuffers next month.  The tote is perfect as my 2nd diaper bag.  Its canvas so I don't feel bad about tossing it around. 

Here's another unexpected piece we added a few months ago.  It's a wooden chandelier from uncommon handmade.  It's actually quite large in person but looks small in the photograph.  I love white accessories amongst all our dark wood furniture. 

wood chandelier in white | uncommonhandmade
looks smaller in the photograph, actually quite large in person

And here's an unexpected photo to my home edition post...

Last minute costume purchase... way too small, so I cut off the bottoms.  Lol!


  1. Gavin is such a cutie pie! Great additions to your home :-)

  2. OMG - Gavin is so precious! The cutest cow ever! Kudos to you guys for the fab decorations, everything looks awesome. I love those alphabet wall decors - so simple and fun.

    Indeed - I love those SM boots, so much that I have them in 3 different colors! LOL.

  3. I love that wood alphabet! And, oh, Gavin -- what a little sweetheart!
    xo Josie

  4. such a cute cow!!! I literally said "awwww" out loud when I saw the picture :D

  5. such a cute cow!!! I literally said "awwww" out loud when I saw the picture :D

  6. :-)) muuuuu-this said Polish cow:-)))

  7. These pieces are cute and fun. I love adding unexpected, whimsical touches to the home, too. It makes it feel more comfortable and relaxed.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Ohh! That alphabet piece is in my etsy favourites! =) And your baby is an adorable little moo moo! Your home seems lovely.

  9. that's the cutest little cow i know! :) and the alphabet decor is adorable!!!

  10. Soo cute!


  11. Awwww your little moo moo is darling! Beautiful decor. Your home is so lovely.


  12. What a cutie :)

    The chandelier looks cool and I was going to tell you it's a little small until I read the text :)


  13. Awww, your little one is so cute!!! How awesome to cut off the bottoms! HAHAHA I didn't think about pairing white with dark furniture. I think that is great!!! Gives me some ideas! Wishing you a great day! :D

  14. Your baby is sooo adorable and that costume is too cute. I love that chandelier


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