Lighting makes a big impact

As you already know, I adore everything West Elm.  Their style fits us to a T.  Clean, classic, modern, and elegant.  We already furnished our master bedroom with their lovely pieces (see HERE).  Now its on to our dining room.  Say hello to our new dining room light!!

photos courtesy of west elm lighting

So excited to install it!  I will definitely share photos of it when we have it all setup.  Just in time for our big party!! 

What kind of lighting fixture do you have in your dining room?


  1. Hey Amy! Love your new chandelier. It's too awesome to just call it a light. I get West Elm catalogs all the time and they have some magnificent items. This is just wonderful. Found your blog through just tututiny! Hope you're having a great day.

  2. Very pretty! Love pendant lamps because they illuminate so good!

    I don't have my own place yet, but my sister and I choose a lot of decorations. We have here some pendant balls and then another similar floor lamp. I think I'll have another style when I'll have my own place tho :)


  3. I would love to have a cool chandelier or light in my house. All of ours are pretty traditional just because i haven't found any around here that I love. I don't want to buy any online without looking at them and how the light comes out ...
    This chandelier is really pretty, though. I would love one similar to this.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Amy, it's gorgeous! Such a great statement piece; I love.
    xo Josie

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous. It adds an elegant touch to your country-ish home. Fantastic!


  6. Your home will be a masterpiece I'm sure! Absolutely beautiful!

  7. I love it! It's so different, but still has that simple feel :)

  8. The lighting for these pictures are fab. I also love the setting. Unfortunately, I live with my bf and his apartment doesn't have great lighting.

  9. Oooo, very nice! We have a dated, three bulb, country-style chandelier over our kitchen table. It needs to be updated, but it's not near the top of the list. We just spent $10k on a new roof, so even the top of the list is on hold.

  10. These photos are amazing - the whiteness of everything really makes the room bigger. We are in the process of rebuilding are new home so I will def. archive this for future references - thanks!

    BTW - I did go to ON but infortunately didn't make out too well for myself. I think I only purchased a sweater which was pretty lame even for ON - I always find good deals there. The kids got lots of stuff though because there was an extra 30% off clearance items. oh well - there is always next time ;)

  11. That chandelier does look lovely. It works well with the whole area, thus becoming a beautiful accent of the room.

    Also, what was the new roof for, Ric? A new roof is quite nice as well, as it offers both protection up above and exterior aesthetics.
    -Will Peartin


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