New items in my shop!

I'm right in the middle of several VERY large orders, but squeezed in some time to post some new items in my etsy shop.  Pretty things just for you... and they come packaged in adorable drawstring pouches, perfect for the holidays.  *wink wink*

Heading out to my friend's wedding tomorrow.  This is what I'm wearing...

I gave it a trial run at Thanksgiving.  It's so comfortable I could sleep in it.  I wore flats like everyone suggested, so it's a bit long but I absolutely love it!  There I am in the background.  For some reason we didn't take a family photo like we usually do.  I did win Jenga though.  Woo hoo!

See... don't I look comfy?!

I won!  Yay!

Hubby won 1 round too.  Yeah, we're THAT good.

P.S. I will get a better photo of me in the dress tomorrow. 

Still trying to figure out what accessories to wear. 
Should I wear something dramatic or simple???


  1. Those necklaces are beautiful!

    Love the dress. For accessories I'd go simple and elegant :)

    x Jasmine

  2. Go with a really dramatic necklace--it'll go perfectly with the simple color and silhouette. That dress is freaking gorgeous by the way.

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  3. I'd say dramatic! It's such a simple dress, it needs something special :)

    Cute new pieces too btw!

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  4. Dramatic! The dress is perfect for something wild. :)

  5. What great new show items! Loved your pictures...and you both have some fabulous Jenga skills!

    Liesl :)

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  7. That dress is perfection -- it looks so soft and cozy! And I love your new pieces; that "love" charm necklace is gorgeous.
    xo Josie

  8. beautiful dress!!! some fun rings and stacked bracelets would look nice with it. and work the hair!!!!!


  9. How in the world are you doing so much??? The new products look great--especially #4.

  10. Such pretty necklaces! The dress is the perfect black dress. I've been looking for one like that but in nude or cream...


    - The Girl at the Atelier's


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