Baby Shower Photos Part 2

Finally got a chance to get more baby shower photos up. We had such a good time. These were taken October 24, 2010.

i was 31w1d in this photo.  i'm just loving this one. 
hairpiece | twigs & honey

hubby loves to rub my belly. i think baby likes it too.

i think this one is so sweet.

me and my sister myra.  everyone says we look alike... i dunno...

my grandma and my mom.  i heart this photo so much.  i love my family.

my mother-in-law and my mom.  the best mommies in the whole world!

a full house.  we were so grateful for the great turnout.  we have amazing friends and family.

the presents kept piling up.  such generous gifts.  baby stewart would approve.

chocolate chip cookies favors i made.  sweet right?


  1. Beautiful pictures, and those cookies you made for favors look delish in their lovely little packages!

    Liesl :)

  2. Such lovely pictures and a happy family. :)

  3. You look radiant in that first picture, in all of them really!! What a wonderful day of celebrating...

  4. You and your sister abs. look a like!!! And your mom and grandmother are stunning just like you, i see where you get your gorgeous looks from!!

    And those cookies!!! omg!!!


  5. Goodness, all your family looks a like. :) Looks like such a wonderful time. And those cookies? Drooling a little.

    <3 Ash

  6. congrats! your family is gifted with lovely cheekbones. i love the photo with your nail polish heart hands

    <3 angie
    (ps i'm having a giveaway!)

  7. Ya!! So fantastic! I love that it was a co-ed shower, nice to include the boys!! :D

    I can't wait to see/'meet' baby Stewart!! :D

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    And yes, you and Myra are like, identical... minus the dimples ;)

  8. Thanks everybody! Hope you all are having a good week so far!!!

  9. Congrats!! You are such a cute prego! LOOOVE the heart picture!


  10. BTW...I've been eyeing your twisted rope bracelet for a long time and I finally am going to take the plunge and get it. By any chance, does it come with a gold clasp also or is it just the silver clasp?



  11. Jiye - Thank you!!! Hopefully I'll be back in shape as fantasticaly as you are!

    p.s. They only come in silver. Sorry. :(

  12. You and your sister look SO much alike, first of all. What gorgeous photos -- looks like a fab time!
    xo Josie

  13. aww, i love the photos! your mom and grandma are so beautiful:) and you are one pretty pregnant woman!

  14. Aww, how precious! I love your nail color btw :) Really stands out! Omg, you & your sister totally look alike! LOL. I get that a lot with my sister too...but I don't see it? Maybe it's just a sister thing, ahaha.

  15. Omg, btw your hubby totally looks like his mom! LOL!!

  16. Amy you look lovely and fabulous! the due date for baby S is coming! cant wait to see baby pics! :D

    those cookies u made look sweet indeed! im sure your guests devoured it ASAP. LOL ;)

  17. All of the pics are so lovely! My favorite is by far the one of your belly and hands in the shape of a heart - your red polish pops! LOVE :-)

  18. let me tell you that all the ladies from your family and in-law are stunning!
    Look so young, beautiful and happy!
    what's your secret???


  19. Gorgeous! I know it's cliche--but you are definitely glowing. And you look a lot like your sister! Like, if you'd have said you were twins I would have believed you.

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  20. You and your sister totally look alike! And wow, your Mum and grandma are beautiful!

    Looks like a fantastic day!

    x Jasmine

    PS. I've got a giveaway going on over at my blog :)

  21. You look just beautiful lady!

  22. looked like a super fun party!! and yes, you and your sister do look alike hehe!!

  23. oh my goodness! All the women in your family are soooo pretty!!! Love the picture of you and the man with the hearts on your belly. So sweet!

  24. you and your sister do look a like a tad bit.

    Can't wait to see the baby!

    Merry Christmas!

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  25. Hey, I love how candid you are! Thank you for sharing. Just wanted to say, your Mom and Grandma are both GORGEOUS! They look great. And no offense to your mom but its really kinda hard to tell the two apart! Great Genes!!!!! While I dont think you and your sis are twins, I can see the resemblance around the nose and cheek areas. Very pretty Ladies!!!! All the best!


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