Rings On Top Of Rings

What a busy year it has been. I feel like we are just non-stop all the time. It's great... just makes me appreciate any down time that much more. 

Thought I would share these beauties with you because they are just too pretty not to. After I finished making all of these rings by hand, I could barely move my fingers but I was just so happy to know that these would all have new homes across the globe. These were from the ring portion of a large wholesale order. Whenever I have to make many items over and over, I tend to do them all in one sitting. It's really hard work but the feeling of accomplishment is just so worth it. The Serendipity Rings are one of my favorites. Each one is a little different from the last making them all perfectly unique. 

Thank you always for your patience while I continue lovingly and thoughtfully making all your handmade pretties for you. 


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