junghwabyamystewart.com is now live!


Junghwa by Amy Stewart has officially gone live!  It took a long time to get here and we have been working really hard to get it finished.  So this is a very exciting time for all of us. 

For a limited time, today only, get 25% off site wide.  There will be more sales to come but this one will be the biggest, so get in while you can!



Many thanks to:

Meagan (the web developer) - for giving me such great bones to work with.  I appreciate the many, many hours you put into getting this all together.  You made it really easy for me to get it all pretty. meagantidwell.com

Lavenda (the photographer) - for such lovely photographs!  You are such an amazing talent and it was an honor to work with you.  lavendamemory.com

Racheal (the makeup & hair guru) - for making the gorgeous models camera ready.  And for being so sweet!

Emma & Kiley (the models) - for just being you!  You are both such talented girls and it really was such a pleasure to work with you both.  Thanks for making my jewelry look even more beautiful!

Myra (the one & only sister) - for well... everything!  Thank you for all the advice, all the help styling, all the moral support, all the laughs, and just everything that you do.  I love you dearly and couldn't have done this without you.  You are the best sister EVER!!!  twigsandhoney.com & myracallanbridal.com



  1. Congratulations Amy! The new site... as to be expected... is like everything else you do, simply beautiful! :)
    Looking forward to wearing your amazing necklaces on my upcoming wedding day... 2 weeks!
    So excited for you and your growing business... all the best...

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your lovely comment. Its been a lot of work but the hard work really pays off. You must be so excited/happy/nervous/elated for your upcoming wedding! Please be sure to send me photos!!!!!! Really happy for you as well. :)


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