Such Rudeness In The World !!

This message was sent to me on Facebook...

"... I think you need to take a long hard look at yourself and be honest...you are not that amazing that everyone wants to be you. That's a figment of your imagination. I design what I like and YOU have absolutely nothing to do with it. Get over yourself." 

Wow, right?!  I said nothing to provoke it.  There is an Etsy seller that copys a lot of my designs and a few other designers, and I mentioned on my Facebook page (and in previous blog posts) that those types of actions affect me.  And that is the response I received.  I would love to tell everyone who this person is, but I'm above that.  I just wanted to share with you all some of the pitfalls of working hard and trying to move up and foward... there is always someone that wants to bring you down.  My friend said it best, "The best revenge is to LIVE WELL!"  Fantastic advice.

I hope all of you are living well.


*UPDATE* Someone thinks I am fishing for compliments.  I absolutely AM NOT.  I just wanted to share that hurtful comment because keeping it inside was worse.  I am not asking for compliments or for anyone to take sides.  -  All the warm comments are from amazingly thoughtful people I have met along the way.  I am very fortunate to know all of you.  Thank you so much for being so kind. 


  1. i agree with your best friend, some people have nothing better to do, so its best to ignore their ignorant remarks.

    SMILE! ^____________^

  2. What is that quote, "she doth protest too much"?
    I think people don't react in such a negative way if they're not up to anything questionable.
    Yes, live well :)

  3. Facebook can kiss my hiney. It's just a forum for meanness and gossip.
    I still keep mine, though.
    I hate myself.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. You have a great shop and I know what you mean ! Some people are like that! Good advice! I will keep in in the back of my mind! :) Love your creations.

  5. Oh no! How awful?!

    Now that I've expressed my shock using very little of my time, you should do the same. Pay no mind to people like this. If she was at no fault, she would've not taken time to post something on such a public forum. Very tacky.

    Your shop is amazing and I personally love my knot bracelet. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see what other creations you come up with.

  6. wow, what a hater!!!

    your pieces are beautiful and delicate and perfect. carry on sister!

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments! It means a lot to me that you all care. :)

    And yes, I agree... if she wasn't guilty then she wouldn't have thought that I was talking about her. I didn't address it to anyone.

    Here's to LIVING WELL!!


  8. There will be always someone trying to let you down.. don't let them.
    You work hard for what you want and that's all that have to remain :)


  9. I find it so hard to believe that rude people like that exist! Your best friend is right though - love the positive spin on it! :D

    You are fabulous.

    x Jasmine

  10. Love lovely to hear from you Amy and see you are enjoying every moment of your being a beautiful mommy! :) Thank you for your super sweet comment!

    As for the rude message, that is something I will never understand and I am so sorry that anyone ever even feels the need to send something like that and I know how awful words like that can hurt...you are a wonderful, kind, beautiful and giving person and yes, living well is the best way to go! :)

    Sending extra hugs and smiles your way! :) :) :)

    Liesl :)

    P.S. I must go "like" you on facebook because I do...hehe!

  11. I'm glad you aren't taking this message to heart. It's a horrible and mean-spirited comment. Live well and be your awesome self. Obviously this person doesn't know you.

    Yay for positive thinking and letting water slide off the duck's back.

    Chin up!

  12. What a horrible, ridiculous message. Don't give it another second of thought, Amy -- it doesn't deserve it.
    xo Josie

  13. Dear Amy

    We love You all and Your amazing jewelry.
    Don't take it personally.That "person" is just jealous.It is not worth your sadness
    with love

  14. Hi Amy, It was quite a surprise to see your comment--a really nice one. Life gets just too busy sometimes. I hope you get a chance to slow things down so you can really enjoy the next few years so you don't turn around to find Gavin graduating from college. =)

    I remember you posting about the copy-cat. I hope I didn't friend that person somewhere along the line. I like your freind's advice, but part of me wants to get revenge by living well...and crushing them like a bug. LOL!


Thanks so much for your lovely comment!