DIY Linen Ribbon Board

I've done several DIY projects and I always forget to share the process with you.  So, I thought now would be a good time to do that.  Sharing is caring right? 

So, we bought a frame from Ikea to put one of our wedding photos in and during a past move my hubby stepped on it and broke the glass.  Great.  Well, I held on to it for the last 2 years trying to think of something to do with it.  I spotted some cute ribbon boards at Pottery Barn for $55 (board plus rod) and thought why spend all that money when I have all the supplies at home?! 

1 - frame - any size
1 - hot glue gun
4 - glue sticks
1 - pair of scissors
1 - ruler or tape measure
ribbon - any color or size (I used 3/8" in light pink.)
fabric - slightly larger than frame (I used an old linen scrap I got on sale.)

First make sure bubba is secure in swing.  Check.

Get your frame.  This is an old one without the glass.  You won't need the glass anyway.

Take it apart.  Put the mat aside (if it came with one).  You'll be working with the board.

Cut out the fabric slightly larger than the board.  Don't bother measuring.  Just eyeball it.

Get your hot glue gun ready.  I use the smaller one on high. 
Also, invest in the silicone pad.  It catches all the drips and the glue just peels right off!

Pull the fabric taut and glue into place.

Cut the corners so you get a nice edge.  You can skip this step.

But if you do it, it looks nice.  No one will see this so it doesn't really matter.

If you did it nice and taut it will look smooth like this.

Check up on bubba and see what he's up to.

Cut and place your ribbon out on your board where ever you want it. 
Some people go vertical and horizontal. 
I wanted to go diagonal at 3" apart.

Hot glue the ribbon to the back of the board.  Pull it really tight to get a good fit.
VERY important.

Cut and place ribbon again going the other way.  Weave it in and out. 
Meaning, go over, under, over, under.

When you're done it should look like this. 

If your frame came with a mat, go ahead and glue it to the back to just make it even more secure.
You don't have to do this, but I had the extra mat so why not.

Put the frame back on with no glass.

Tada!  You're done.  Now put your favorite cards or photos in there for a nice decorative look.

And there, using stuff I already had, I just saved myself $55.  You can buy the same frame at Ikea or I bet you could find some really cheap ones at a garage sale, antique shop or Goodwill.  They even make spray paint that will cover just about any material out there.  Have fun!

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  1. this is cute! glad to know i can make my own

  2. A great use of a frame with broken glass Amy! I just wish wish wish we had Ikea in Tasmania!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. I love IKEA, and the possibilities to make some good stuff with their products, nice board!
    And you have a cute little boy;))
    Such sweet ears;))

    Lovely greetings...


  4. Love it so much fun!
    Also love the picture of the little man!! So cute!!

  5. such a great idea!! <3


  6. cute idea!!


  7. What a great idea! My husband has stepped on the glass so many times lol... & we have the same swing! It's so cute and baby loves it.

  8. i love this! Definitely going to try this! btw ur lil one is sooo adorable!!!!

  9. That's such a good idea. I should make one... hehe~ How is it if you put flat cotton/stuffing before the cloth? Is it too puffy?

  10. oo i love it! the colours are so subtle and pretty! :)

  11. Very cute! I love Ikea and I LOVE saving money! Perfect combination! ;-)

  12. I've been meaning to do this for the longest time ever. It is so simple. I think this would make a great present too

    Just Better Together
    come check out the XL Pet Pillow giveaway!

  13. Great idea. I will have to make one for myself. I thinking bold fabrics since everything in my house is pretty plain. :)

  14. Oh, this is super cute! So pretty and not too hard... And I love the baby photos intermixed, of course!
    xo Josie

  15. I love this idea! I made something similar without the frame (I used a canvas and put the fabric and material around it) as a seating plan display for my sister's wedding. I never thought of using a frame! I will definitely have to do this :)

    x Jasmine

    PS. You seriously have the cutest baby ever. Gavin is adorable!

  16. Amy, he is just cute as a button!!!!

  17. Such an easy DIY! I'm going to have to try this!

  18. This is a great DIY!:D Inexpensive and easy to do.:D

    Thanks for the tutorial, Amy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. great idea! looks supper easy too! i definitely want to do this for my photos thanks for the tips. btw gavin is growing up so fast he's such a cutie!

  20. the DIY is amazing!! and i love the pics of your little man!!!!

  21. I'm recieving an education on my day off. Thanks for sharing the DIY, and drop by me too,soon.


  22. I love the photo board! Baby has gotten so big :)

  23. This is such a creative cute idea!

  24. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm making a ribbon board now for my baby's room!


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