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Wow talk about busy.  Phew!  We just moved into our brand new house!  I need to take some photos and share them with you when we get some more decorating done.  It's still such a mess.  We're settling in pretty well and I don't miss our rental home at all.  Being first time home owners is so amazing!  Such a dream having a loving husband, wonderful amazing baby boy, and a new home to call our own.  I feel truly blessed. 

Anyway, Gavin is 3 months old now.  Can you believe it?  He just started rolling over from his tummy to his back.  A big milestone.  I was just jumping up and down with joy.  His first attempt made him a little grumpy, but now he loves it!

Mommy I rolled over and I don't like it!  Waaaah!
3 months
Happy 3 month birthday bubba!

I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight... yay!  But I have a long way to go on getting my muscle tone back.  I just started Winsor Pilates at home again.  I haven't found anything else that I like as much.  Wish me luck!!

I started using this amazing self-tanner mousse by St Tropez.  It's a mousse and so easy to use.  It doesn't have that telltale self-tanner smell, which I love and it just glides on your skin.  It's hard to get off your hands so I suggest getting their self-tanner remover as well.  Along with my body, I want my tan back!  This stuff works!!

My new tan will look awesome with my new lace skirt I just picked up from Forever 21.  I haven't been shopping much for myself these days because my clothing sizes keep changing.  Plus, I want to shop all the time for baby Gavin and our house!  Cute though right?  I love lace done right.  So pretty and feminine.

tiered lace skirt | forever21

P.S. I'm thinking about having another GIVEAWAY.  It's been a long time since I've done that.  Check back in soon!


  1. Welcome back and congrats on the house and baby! It definitely feels wonderful to shop again after giving birth.

    <33 Rena

  2. Okay, your son is the CUTEST! <3 & I can't believe you've already shrunk down! Yay! :)

  3. Nice to hear from you Amy! Isn't your little bub growing and it sounds like you have shrunk! What an effort. Congrats on yur new house. Will look forward to pics :)

  4. Great to hear from you and see that you and your family are doing well. I love Winsor Pilates! What a great workout. I remember when I first found out the cast of Friends were doing it and I had to jump right onboard.

    Well, I hope to hear more about the decorating and your babe. :)

  5. Can't believe you're ALREADY back to your prepregnancy weight! That's incredibly, Amy -- congratulations! And how super gorgeous is Gavin? What a cutie!
    xo Josie

  6. So good to read about all your achievements! xx

  7. Congrats on the new house and the baby is adorable!
    Nice idea with the tan!

  8. congrats on your new home!!
    Gavin is sooo adorable.

    Just Better Together
    come check out the Vintage Scarf giveaway!

  9. Yep, hes adorable!! Congratulations on the new hours and loss of baby weight!! I am sure you look gorgeous without the tan<3

  10. Paintball was a great time! I forgot how much I loved playing. For the exception of one person, everyone had a blast. Definitely not a game for every person. I will have to say, the one hit I took to the back of the head stung just a bit...more because I still wanted to play. ;)

  11. Your son is so cute! He looks older than 3 months though. How could a big boy come out of a tiny you. :/

  12. Wow you're like a celebrity mom you lost that weight so fast! Good job hot mama!

  13. Amy!!! Wow, Gavin is such a handsome boy. I can't believe it's been 3 months already. Gosh, he'll be starting school before you know it--I wish I was joking about that.

    MizzJ's comment made me laugh, but she's right. After 3 months, most new moms are still being asked when the baby is due.

    It's nice of you to have a giveaway, but you'll never need one to have me show up--as long as we're both still blogging. =)

  14. oh i'm SO happy for you! you should post pictures of the new home. gavin looks adorable and congrats on him rolling over, hee. maybe someday gavin will take photos for you! :)

    also: yes, please do another giveaway- don't know if i've mentioned it before, but i love your rope bracelets and definitely need to talk to you soon- i would love to get those for my bridesmaids!

  15. Hi Amy! Thanks for the encouraging comment on my post.

    First of all, your little boy is so cute! Can't believe he is flipping over already. What an overachiever!

    And I can't believe you only took 3 months to return to your pre-preggers weight. Good job girl!

  16. so cute :)

    im now your follower

  17. Oh my goodness - look at his cute little expressions!

  18. HE IS SO CUTE! Hope you're settling in well with the new house- congratulations!

  19. AHHHHHH he is sooo cute!! Please post more pics!! And that is soo amazing you are back to pre-pregnancy weight!!!

  20. I haven't been here in a good minute and congrats for being back to your prepregnancy weight. You must look amazing! :) Your son is just the cutest little boy! He's so big now!

  21. Congratulations on getting your new home Amy! the photos of li'l bubba are priceless! adorable!!! ^_^

    i love lace done right too! that skirt is gorge! i want to see your OOTD! :)

  22. Amy, congratulation on getting your new home! :D And Gavin is so adorable! Look at his cute big eyes! :D

  23. Congratulations on your new home!:D

    ***** Marie ******

  24. congratulations on your new home! gavin is such a cutie!!! :D

    <3, Mimi


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