Wedding favors and ME

Wedding season is around the corner.  We'll be attending 4 weddings this year.  That is definitely a record for us.  Couldn't be more excited for everyone.  This is also a busy time of the year for me because brides are starting to get all their favors ordered for receptions and bridal showers.  My custom stamped linen drawstring pouches are a popular seller.  They're fully customizable and just so sweet and fun!

I can't believe it took me this long to post, but here's a few photos of me at 39 weeks pregnant.  If I remember correctly, this was one of our last outings before having the baby.  It's hard to believe I was that big!

39 weeks pregnant
cardigan | old navy
boots | chinese laundry

Here I am at the hospital getting ready to be induced and eventually end up having a cesarean.  My doctor said I was all baby.  I felt so big, but I was so insanely excited for little Gavin to arrive.  I feel like tearing up just thinking about it. 

The hospital was amazing.  The rooms were perfect.  The staff was awesome.  Thank you Legacy!!

very happy mama to be

Here's daddy with Gavin at 1 day old.

poor bubba scratched his face

Here we are on New Year's Eve.  First New Years in a while that we didn't go out.  I think we had about 10 seconds of sleep that week.  I was very happy to stay home with my family. 

no sleep, no make up, possibly no shower, and still in my robe but happy as can be

Here's my love at 6 weeks.  He says "don't touch my toys!"

And here's me almost 7 weeks post pregnancy.  Laundry, baby toys and junk in the background due to lack of space and time.  No make up just out of the shower due to lack of time.  What a mess!  But I love my baybeh!  And I love the fact that I'm only 2 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yahoo!

top | anthropologie
jeans | paige premium denim

I hope everyone has been doing well.  I promise to write back to you guys soon!

P.S. A lovely blog post about my twisted rope bracelet at Feathers and Rust.


  1. Oh Amy, you don't need makeup to look beautiful! I'm glad to her that everyone is doing well :)

  2. Amy, you look GORGEOUS. And your baby is absolutely beautiful! What a cutie.
    xo Josie

  3. OMIGOSH little Gavin is super adorable! I can understand why youre still as happy as a clam without sleep and showering! hahaha :P

    Congratulations to you and hubby, may your family be blessed with good health and happiness :)

  4. You look fantastic!

  5. oh my gosh, how time flies! Congratulations AMY! Baby Gavin is so handsome!
    i am giving you the Stylish Blogger Award (http://theshopbug.blogspot.com/2011/02/i-got-stylish-blogger-award.html)

    warm wishes and love,

  6. That PhD candidate has good taste--and Sarah B is right. But what's hard for me to believe is that you were so petite while being 39 weeks with such a full belly. That's kind of amazing.

    Gavin is so handsome, he's a little heartbreaker--but I know he'd never do that on purpose. I loved having babies in the house--those little sleepers with the cuffs that fold over the hands were so cute. *sigh* =)

  7. Gavin is unbelievably adorable!

    You look fantastic, Amy. Motherhood definitely suits you :)

    x Jasmine

  8. 2 pounds away from your pre-pregnancy weight?! WHAT!!! Amy - that's amazing - WOW!!! You look GREAT!! (obviously)

    Gavin is sooo cute. Thanks for sharing these special photos :)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  9. He's so cute! I see the Asian in the picture he was born, but more American now... hehe~

  10. He is so cute and you look fabulous!

  11. You and your little family look so happy and excited. What a beautiful baby Gavin is. Congrats again!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE this recap and holy crap! You look AMAZING!!! How'd you get back to the same size so quickly? Did you use that Belly Bandit or Hip Shrinkz and stuff? I've read about those and would love to know what works before I ever get preggers! lol! Seriously - you look great and that is one cutie patootie you've got there!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com


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