DIY - Chalkboard Mason Jar Name Tags

One of the many projects I've been working on for my dearest friend's baby shower.  Chalkboard name tags to tie around mason jars.  That way everyone can keep track of their drinking glass.  These plastic lids by The Mason Bar Company are great too.  They won't be on all the jars for this shower but they would be great for a future event.  BPA free and reusable.

Materials for the tags:
  • string (I used baker's twine, but jute twine would be really cute too)
  • cardstock for the backing (I used kraft colored from my local craft store)
  • chalkboard contact paper (similar HERE)
  • liquid chalk pen (similar HERE)
  • hole punch

Optional materials:
  • mason jar (can be purchased at craft stores, grocery stores)
  • paper straws (similar HERE)
  • plastic lid (HERE)

  1. peel backing from contact paper (it comes in a roll)
  2. apply cut cardstock onto contact paper (these are 2" x 3")
  3. after the cut cardstock is applied, cut the excess contact paper (you're basically using the cardstock as a cutting guide for the contact paper, as well as keeping it stiff)
  4. cut your string to a desired length, long enough to wrap around whatever glass you want to tie it onto
  5. draw or write your message on the contact paper
  6. wait for it to dry
  7. punch a hole at the top
  8. thread the string through the hole and voila...

Pretty easy right?


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  1. This is such a cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial.


Thanks so much for your lovely comment!